George Strait Celebrates ‘National Beer Day’ With Epic ‘Pure Country’ Moment

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary country music singer and songwriter George Strait want his fans to responsibly enjoy an important day in America.

Today (Wednesday, April 7) is National Beer Day across the country and many are celebrating the occasion with their favorite adult beverage. A new holiday, National Beer Day celebration held each year on April 7 to the delight of many people. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.

George Strait doesn’t reveal if he is partaking in National Beer but he wishes his fans a safe holiday celebration. The singer took to social media on Wednesday to ask his fans to celebrate National Beer Day responsibly. He also includes a brief clip with the tweet from “Pure Country” that could happen if beer day goes a little too far.

“Happy National Beer Day,” George Strait says in the social media post. “Don’t forget to drink responsibly, so you don’t end up on the floor like Dusty Chandler. #Purecountry.”

George Strait Takes on First Movie Role in 1992

Released in 1992, Pure Country marks George Strait’s first foray into acting in films. In the movie, Strait plays Wyatt “Dusty” Chandler, a country music singer trying to make a living in the music world. Despite Strait providing the film with star power, the movie didn’t go over well with audiences and critics.

Despite its lack of success at the box office, the movie had two sequels produced in 2010 and another in 2017.

Strait’s National Beer Day social media post took in hundreds of “likes” and dozens of comments only moments after its posting. Many social media users return the favor, wishing Strait a happy National Beer Day as well.

Despite its growing popularity, National Beer Day is a relatively new holiday. It was first celebrated by Justin Smith, a beer enthusiast from Virginia, in 2009. In 2018, House Joint Resolution 90 was recognized by Virginia General Assembly to officially recognize National Beer Day.

George Strait continues his social media activity as he uses the tool as a way to interact with fans. Over the weekend, he took to Instagram to wish fans a Happy Easter.