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George Strait’s Código 1530 Drops New Line of Tequila That’s Extremely Rare, Expensive

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Erika Goldring/WireImage

A love for a specific brand of tequila turned into an unstoppable partnership. George Strait was inspired by his favorite brand of tequila, Código 1530, and wanted to expose the rest of the world to this hidden gem of boozy agave.

I’m talkin’ ’bout Codigo / I take it with me everywhere I go / Best tequila, baby, don’t you know / A little sip and you’re ready to roll.”

Fast-forward to now and Código 1530 is one of the best tequila brands out there. It is now co-owned by the country artist. As he tells people with the tagline, “if it’s not your favorite, you haven’t tried it.”

George Strait’s New Expensive Tequila

The brand also has a pretty expansive collection of tequilas — from Blanco to Rosa to Reposado to Anejo to Origen. Now, there’s a new contender entering the tequila market. You’ll need to break into your savings if you want to sit this George Strait drink on your bar cart.

For a limited time, people can buy the Código 1530 13-year Extra Añejo. The bottle sells for a pretty steep cost of $3,300 and there are only 350 bottles out there. This means that this alcohol is both rare and incredibly collectible. It is considered to be one of the most expensive and oldest tequilas currently on the market.

The tequila comes in a crystal glass bottle. It’s also packed into a laser-etched wood box and has two tasting glasses for sipping.

“Our 13-year Anejo is in its own category. We are taking our already beautifully aged Extra Anejo, and finishing it in French Cognac casks for another 6 months, which gives it a truly unique and distinguished taste,” the co-founder, Federico Vaughan, said, according to AP News.

Details of the New Código Tequila

The George Strait tequila is a marriage of fully ripe agave, rock-filtered water, and is entirely free of any other sugars or flavorings. The barrel-aged tequila has a taste of aged vanilla followed by lingering notes of both cocoa powder and cinnamon. While tequila is a staple in mixed drinks like margaritas, the Código 1530 13-year Extra Añejo is best straight or with a large ice cube.

For many people, spending over $3,000 on alcohol is a little too pricey. The tequila brand offers plenty of other alternatives that are cheaper. Another option is King George’s Origen, which is only $290.

“I was never a big tequila drinker before Código. If I drank it at all, it was with a lime, and I would try to get the taste out of my mouth as fast as I could. I think that was from all the additives that some companies put in their tequila, which we don’t do. There is no harsh burning aftertaste to it, so it’s very nice to sip on straight,” George Strait told Rolling Stone.

You can get your hands on a bottle of the rare tequila on the Código 1530 website or at a licensed fine retail shop.