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George Strait’s Conway Twitty ‘Linda on My Mind’ Cover at 2005 Concert Is Country Music Gold

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Jason Squires/WireImage)

Take one part George Strait. Mix in a hit song by another country music legend. And, what you’ve got is country music gold.

Let’s flashback more than a decade. The year is 2005 and Strait, the aptly nicknamed King of Country, is performing a concert in Chicago. According to CountryMusicNation, Strait decides to perform one of country music legend Conway Twitty’s most beloved songs.

So, what did George Strait decide to bless that audience with on that 2005 night in Chicago? It was none other than Twitty’s hit ballad “Linda On My Mind.”

Interestingly, there is only one video of George Strait performing “Linda On My Mind,” according to CountryMusicNation.com. You can watch that video below.

To put it simply, Strait sounds fantastic as he croons the mournful song. It is a performance that Conway Twitty would definitely have enjoyed. It’s a fitting tribute to a beloved country music icon.

Plus, your heart just breaks as you hear Strait sing: “She said I’ve loved you for a long time / But you’re married to a friend of mine / And I tried hard to never let it show / But my love for you is stronger / I can’t hide it any longer / And so I thought I’d better let you know.”

Conway Twitty Released ‘Linda On My Mind’ Decades Before George Strait Was Filmed Singing the Song

The song “Linda On My Mind” was released in 1975, according to CountryThangDaily.com. It was written and performed by Conway Twitty. It’s a song about a man who has fallen in love with someone other than the woman he is with. That woman’s name is Linda and she has stolen the narrator’s heart. His feelings are so strong that he knows he must leave the woman he once loved.

Here are some lyrics from the song. “Yes I know that I once loved her / And I placed no one above her /
And I never thought I’d ever set her free / But it just wasn’t in my plan / The way Linda squeezed my hand / The first time that I held her close as she danced with me.”

“Linda On My Mind” made it all the way to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard country music chart in 1975. It appeared on an album of the same name. That album was also a No. 1 hit for Conway Twitty, according to reports.

One factor that drove the popularity of the song was the mystery surrounding Linda. Listeners wanted to know who she was to Twitty or if she existed at all. However, he reportedly never actually clarified who the character of Linda was supposed to be in real life.

“Linda On My Mind” is just one example of a Conway Twitty song that many country music listeners felt was controversial. The subject matter was not comfortable for some listeners to hear. Over his career, some of Twitty’s songs were banned from some radio stations.

Luckily, George Strait was willing to perform his version of “Linda On My Mind” live in Chicago. Even more fortunate is that someone captured most of his performance on video.