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George Strait Declared ‘Greatest Country and Western Singer of All Time’ by Fans via ‘Scientific’ Social Media Poll

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Erika Goldring/WireImage

A new poll is out trying to determine who stands out as the most influential country and western singer of all time.

While it’s hardly scientific, it is somewhat entertaining. Most people will take the chance to support and go to Twitter war for their favorite artists. Some people are saying the answer has to be George Strait, no debate.

Twitter Poll Determines Answer

Someone on Twitter wrote, “I’m running a scientific poll. Who is the greatest Country and Western singer of all time?”

They likely didn’t expect over 1,200 comments attempting to determine the answer. However, if you give people the option to argue, they will come.

Some are answering their favorite personal artists, anyone from David Allan Coe, Johnny Cash, Brooks & Dunn, Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, and Hank Williams.

However, others are pointing out the fact that the answer should be somewhat unbiased. The original is asking who the greatest of all-time is, but how do we measure that?

One person commented, “People seem to be answering this as if it asked for their favorite artist. For longevity, sales, and impact, it’s George Strait. Sales alone is Garth, followed by Shania. If it’s subjective influence on the genre, it’s wide open, from the Carters to Hank, to Wills and so on.”

Another person agreed and said, “Why is this not a real poll? And the answer is George Strait.”

What Makes George Strait ‘The Best?’

When someone trends on Twitter it can be a scary moment before you find out why. In this case, George Strait was actually trending for a bit for the sole reason of being named a legend.

So, why can people so confidently say it’s George Strait above anyone else?

George Strait has over 100 million records sold worldwide, which makes him one of the best-selling artists of all-time.

Strait has 13 multi-platinum albums and over 60 No. 1 hits. Whatever he’s done, it’s been able to get him the title “King of Country.” He has more No. 1 hits than any other artist in a single genre. Strait also has the 11th most No. 1 albums in all other genres.

He has 22 CMA Awards and a career record for CMA nominations. George Strait holds an absurd amount of awards and has seated himself near artists like Elvis Presley and The Beatles in influence.

Some of his most popular songs are “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,” “Carrying Your Love With Me,” “Check Yes or No,” “The Chair,” “I Cross My Heart,” and “Ocean Front Property.” He is considered by many to have helped bring country music back to a more traditional sound in the ’80s.

Even if you’re a bigger fan of other top-tier country artists, it’s hard to deny George Strait may very well have to be considered the greatest of all-time.