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George Strait Drops Epic Cowboy-Cool ‘Riding Into the Weekend’ Clip

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

It’s Friday, Outsiders. You know what that means. It’s time to break out your good jeans, knock the dust off your boots, and hit the hardwoods. While you’re at it, go ahead and pull up that George Strait playlist you have saved on your favorite streaming service. Today is a good day for some King George. I mean, every day is a good day for some George. There’s something about Friday, though, that demands real country music.

It may not be quitting time yet for some but George Strait is already riding into the weekend. He posted a short clip of himself on horseback on his Twitter feed earlier this afternoon. So, it seems like he’s way ahead of the rest of us. That’s alright. We’ve got two whole days to catch up before we’re back to the grind again on Monday morning. Check out the cowboy cool video below. Then. we’ll talk about planning the perfect weekend soundtrack.

I’m sure none of us are going to make riding into the weekend look nearly as good as George Strait does. He looks like he was born on horseback with a Stetson on his head. We can, however, make our weekend sound just as good as his. Hell, we may have a better-sounding weekend. After all, Strait doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who listens to his own music.

George Strait Tunes for Your Weekend

George Strait has too many great songs to pick the best ones. That’s not what we’re going to do here. Instead, we’re going to see about getting some good tunes together for the weekend. I’m sure I’ll miss plenty. So, I’ll just give you a few suggestions. Consider it a jumping-off point.

Kick your weekend off with a little George Strait-approved tequila. Pour yourself a couple of shots of cold Codigo while you crank the song of the same name. It’s the weekend before America’s birthday. So, let’s start partying early.

If it’s been a hard week, that’s okay too. You have even more of a reason to cut loose after that whistle blows this afternoon. If you’re heartbroken, George Strait knows exactly what you need to get some swing back in your step. How about an “80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper.” to get you going?

Speaking of getting some swing in your step, why don’t you go ahead and throw “Right or Wrong,” on that list. It doesn’t get much better than George Strait covering Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. You could use the album version from 1983. However, I prefer this version that features King George singing with the legendary Texas Playboys. Can’t beat it.

Well, that’s a good start. Now it’s up to you to finish out the list and have a great weekend.