George Strait Drops Epic Throwback Pic: ‘Good Memories Don’t Fade So Easy’

by Madison Miller

George Strait is just trying to be our beacon of motivation moving into 2021. That extra boost certainly won’t hurt.

In a recent Instagram photo, he shared a throwback picture of him sitting with his acoustic guitar, classic white cowboy hat, and his red pick up truck. He captioned the masterpiece, “Good memories don’t fade so easy.”

The photo is reminiscent of some older, early 2000s George Strait. At the time this would mean hits like “Living and Living Well,” “Cowboys Like Us,” “She Let Herself Go,” and “I Hate Everything.” George Strait is still considered the “King of Country Music.”

George Strait’s Car of Choice

While his pick-up truck seemed to be a part of his “good memories” what does the country artist drive now?

With a net worth of over $3 million, certainly, his car of choice will be pretty luxurious. While he doesn’t own a whole parking lot of cars like other celebrities, he has a select few instead.

Strait’s old car was the 2002 Bentley Continental GTC. This car was for sale recently, however, for $159,000, according to Hot Cars. For the lucky buyer, it came with a signed manual.

George Strait, when he’s not crooning country tunes, enjoys playing golf. He lives in a Texas hill country neighborhood where he often takes his Garia Luxury Golf Car on a spin to the course. Strait also happens to be a brand ambassador of Garia.

So besides his classic truck, those are some of the other classic cars Strait has been spotted in over the years.

A Memory-Driven Singer

Strait’s post could have very well been a play on words as well.

During his long career that is still going strong, the country artist has sung his fair share of songs dedicated to the idea of “memories.”

Some songs include, “Rockin’ In the Arms Of Your Memory,” “Fool Hearted Memory,” and “What Would Your Memories Do.”

Clearly there’s a special place in Strait’s heart, and discography, for looking back on good, or bad, memories.

“Wonder what would happen / If one morning your memories woke up to find mine gone / Would they go as crazy without me, as I have without you / Would they last as long.”