George Strait Drops Glorious John Deere Gator Photo Sitting in the Middle of Cow Herd

by Katie Maloney

We all know George Strait is the king of country music. But he’s also the king of clever social media posts.

Geroge Strait has spent the last year sharing throwback photos and witty references to his songs. And we are living for it. Today, he shared a photo of himself sitting on a John Deere Gator. Along with the photo, he wrote, “Take a truck, take a…John Deere. Baby, just come back. #Run”

The post is a clever reference to his 2001 hit song, “Run.” The song is about a man longing to see the woman he loves. During the song, George Strait sings, “Baby, run, cut a path across the blue skies. Straight in a straight line. You can’t get here fast enough. Find a truck and fire it up. Lean on the gas and off the clutch. Leave Dallas in the dust. I need you in a rush. So, baby, run.”

The song landed in the number two spot on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart. And it’s still a fan favorite today.

George Strait Believes That ‘Love Is Everything’

Country music legend George Strait is no stranger to love songs. Whether he’s singing about a broken heart like in his song “King of Broken Hearts.” Or he’s picking up the pieces of a broken marriage like in his song “Give it Away.” Or he’s falling madly in love like in his song “Run.” The king knows how to evoke emotions in listeners. And, there’s one song that simply says it all, “Love is Everything.” Just the title says everything you need to know about the song. “Love is Everything” is the title track from George Strait’s 28th studio album. The song is about all the aspects of true love, including both the good and the challenging. The song proves that there is love in relationships, in heartbreak, in crying babies, in nature, and in everything else between. During the song, Strait sings, “Love is everything. It’s a smile on your face on a cold winter day at the thought of spring. It’s getting up at night for the cry of a little bitty baby thing. And it’s growing old.”

During an interview in 2016, George Strait shared that he truly does believe that love is everything. He said that the entire world revolves around love. And we agree.

“Love is everything. I mean, the world revolves around love,” said Strait. “If it’s love for your family or your wife or your kids or your husband or your dog or your cat, or whatever it is. It revolves around love. And love is something that, if you lose it, it’s going to hurt. So, I just thought it was a great title.