George Strait Drops Hilarious Meme Referencing Hit Song ‘The Chair’

by Thad Mitchell

Even at 68-years-old, iconic country music star George Strait is active as ever on his social media accounts.

Strait often uses his social media presence to connect with his fans and followers through humorous posts. The “I Cross My Heart” singer enjoys entertaining fans through his music but also enjoys making people laugh.

Strait recently took to social media to share a meme with his fans that left several of them in tears from laughing so hard. Referencing one of his biggest hits “The Chair,” the singer asks asks fans if they have ever used the pickup line from the song.

“Have you ever used this iconic George Strait pickup line?” he asks with a laughing emoji. The meme shows Strait with his infamous cowboy hat on as he smiles at the camera. The meme’s caption says “When you say that wasn’t your chair after all.”

The country star has a large number of followers on Instagram, surpassing the one million mark. His hilarious post drew more than 9,000 “likes” only moments after its posting along with hundreds of comments from fans.

George Strait Has Hit on His Hands With ‘The Chair’

Strait recorded “The Chair” for 1985 album Something Special and the song was the first single released from the album. The song was written by Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran. It reached number one on the country music charts in both the United States and Canada in 1985. It was named by Country Music Television as one of the Top 100 country songs of all time, finding itself at number 24 on the list.

The song’s lyrics describe a conversation between a man and a woman at a bar. The man says, “Well excuse me, but I think you’ve got my chair.” The conversation grows more intimate with the man and woman leaving the bar together. On the way home, the man says, “Oh I like you too, and to tell you the truth, that wasn’t my chair after all.”