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George Strait Drops Reminder With Drink in Hand to Help Get Us Through the Week

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Country Rising/Getty Images)

George Strait is ready for the weekend with his latest Twitter post.

What better way is there to spend a weekend than by listening to some country music while enjoying your favorite drink? George Strait definitely thinks that’s the ideal way to spend his weekend. He shared a video clip of himself holding a drink and smiling. Along with the clip, Strait wrote, ” The weekend is almost here!”

In honor of both the weekend and George Strait’s gift for country music, we’ve compiled a list of a few of Strait’s best drinking songs. Now you’ll be prepared, come Friday, to grab your favorite drink and enjoy it with your favorite George Strait tunes.

“Drinking Champagne”

Who else is in the mood to drink some champagne and feel no pain? Well, you can join George Strait for some bubbly and a sing-along. During his 1990 hit, “Drinking Champagne,” Strait sings about realizing how he took the woman he loves for granted while they were together. He sings, “Guilty conscience I guess, though I must confess I never loved you much when you were mine. So I’ll keep drinking champagne, feeling no pain ’til early morning.” We hope that no one’s champagne is accompanied by heartbreak this weekend. But, if it is, you have George Strait’s soothing voice to help patch the broken pieces.

George Strait’s “Drinking Champagne”

“Cold Beer Conversation”

During “Cold Beer Conversation,” George Strait sings about sipping beer and talking about the ups and downs of life with friends. What could be better than that? Nothing, that’s the answer to that question. So call up your friends, grab a case of beer, and spend some time catching up this weekend.

“Cold Beer Conversation” is the title track from Strait’s 2015 album. During the song, Strait sings, “Just a couple old boys, a little time well wasted. Trying to figure out life, trying to figure out girls. Trying to find our place in this crazy old world. A little truth, a little frustration. Cold beer conversation.”


George Strait’s “Codigo”

Anyone in the mood for some tequila? Summer is coming and there’s nothing better than some nice tequila on a warm summer weekend night. Apparently, George Strait agrees because he sang a whole song about the elixir. In his song, “Codigo” Strait sings about his favorite tequila. He sings, “I’m talkin’ ’bout Codigo. I take it with me everywhere I go. Best tequila, baby, don’t you know. A little sip and you’re ready to roll. They make it down in Mexico. A little state called Jalisco. Where the beautiful agaves grow. I’m talkin’ ’bout Codigo”

George Strait’s “Codigo”

“Stop and Drink”

Sometimes the only solution to a long week is to stop and drink. George Strait’s song, “Stop and Drink” is an ode to all the little things that make us want to stop what we’re doing, surrender, and just grab a drink. During the song, Strait sings, “It’ll make you stop, and go inside of your favorite bar. Sit a while on a tall bar stool and think and think and think. No, you don’t need a big excuse to pop a top and cut it loose. Little stuff like that will make you stop and drink.”