George Strait Asks Fans to Join ‘We’re Texas’ Virtual Benefit Concert

by Halle Ames

Country legend George Strait takes to social media to ask fans to join him at the “We’re Texas” virtual benefit concert. 

George Strait Hypes Up Event

At noon today, George Strait asked his followers for their support during a benefit concert for the people of Texas following the winter storm they suffered about a month ago. The singer notes that an “all-star Texas lineup” will accompany him.

The concert will take place on Sunday, March 21 at 7 pm CST. and will be aired on Matthew McConaughey’s Youtube channel. 

“Join George and this ALL-STAR Texas lineup for “We’re Texas,” a virtual revival where we can all come together to help Texas recover from the winter storm, happening March 21 at 7 pm CST on @McConaughey’s Youtube channel.”

The star-studded list of entertainers doesn’t just stop at George Strait. The Today Show reports that Chip and Joanna Gaines, Kelly Clarkson, Willie Nelson, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, and Jamie Foxx will also be in virtual attendance. 

McConaughey Proudly States, ‘We’re Texas’

The benefit will be hosted by McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin’ Foundation and is called We’re Texas, something every Texan is familiar and proud to say. 

“Everybody I’ve called, within the first two minutes, ‘I’m in.’ I haven’t had to call anybody back. So, Texas is really rallying around helping out the people that are going to need it.”

McConaughey’s love for the Lone Star State runs deep. When speaking to Al Roker, he notes that it is where he feels most at home. 

“There are some places where I feel like I’m ahead of time. There are some places where I feel like I’m behind time. When I’m in Texas, I feel like I’m on time. I just like it. It’s home.”

On February 16, a massive snowstorm left every one of Texas’s 254 counties under a winter warning. By February 18, 47 people had died across the South from the storm. 

“It’s not like fires or a tornado or a hurricane. You don’t drive down a street and see the graphic problem from the street,” says McConaughey. “But go inside the front door of so many houses and businesses, now you’re seeing all the water damage that needs to be fixed. You’re seeing people that need clean water that doesn’t have it… People that need food… people that are out of their houses because their houses are inhabitable.” 

Furthermore, eager viewers can expect to see a “revival” during the philanthropic concert.

“You are going to see a revival and a restoration of people coming together to help out our neighbors here in Texas, and we are inviting the world to come in and help us out as well. It’s going to be shindig.”