George Strait Fans Sound Off on Their Favorite Songs From ‘Love Is Everything’ on Album’s Anniversary

by Keeli Parkey

Eight years ago today (May 14, 2021), country music icon George Strait released an album titled “Love Is Everything.”

According to the King of Country’s website, his “Love Is Everything” album was the 28th studio album of Strait’s legendary career. It was released on the MCA Nashville label. In addition to being the star on the album, George Strait was also one of its producers. The other was Tony Brown. Strait and Brown had worked on several other previous projects.

The first single released from the album was “Give It All We Got Tonight.” This song was released several months before the album officially came out. The song debuted on Oct. 29, 2012. And, it made it to the top 10 on the charts.

George Strait showcased his “Love Is Everything” album with a tour that took place during the spring of 2014. That tour was titled “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour.”

George Strait Asks His Fans to Share Their Favorite Songs from His ‘Love Is Everything’ Album Via Social Media

On the eighth anniversary of this George Strait album, his fans we asked to share which songs from his “Love Is Everything” album. The request was posted via Twitter on Friday. The tweet also included a link where fans can listen to the album via Spotify.

“What is your favorite song off of today’s album anniversary, ‘Love Is Everything’?,” the tweet said.

Many fans said they just could not name one song from George Strait’s “Love Is Everything” album as their favorite.

“I honestly don’t have a (favorite)…I love all your songs. You are amazing and so is your music,” one fan said.

“EVERY single song you have EVER done is my favorite!!!! You are the BEST!!!” another shared.

But, some fans were willing to name their favorite songs from this 2013 album by George Strait.

“It’s hard not choosing the album title; “Love Is Everything” but to be honest I’ve enjoyed them all. Sorry, George; but as a former Dallas Texas resident before hitting Nashville, I still have to admit that my all time favorite still remains; “Amarillo By Mornin'” one fan shared via Twitter.

Another fan said the song “When the Credits Roll” was her favorite from the “Love Is Everything” album.

The songs “Give It All We Got Tonight,” “Blue Melodies,” and “I Got a Car” were also mentioned as favorite songs from the album.

The full tracklist of George Strait’s “Love Is Everything” album includes 13 tracks. They are: “I Got a Car,” “Give It All We Got Tonight,” “Blue Melodies,” “I Just Can’t Go On Dying Like This,” “I Thought I Heard My Heart Sing,” “That’s What Breaking Hearts Do,” “When Love Comes Around Again,” “The Night is Young,” “Sittin’ on the Fence,” “I Believe,” “Love Is Everything,” “You Don’t Know What You’re Missing,” and “When the Credits Roll.”