George Strait Gets ‘Carried Away’ in Epic Throwback Cowboy Hat Pic

by Jennifer Shea

Country legend George Strait is getting into the country spirit in spite of the pandemic. On Tuesday, he posted a youthful photo of himself sporting a cowboy hat, staring off toward the horizon, alongside the lyrics to the song “Carried Away.”

He posted on Instagram, saying “Like a feather flying high up in the sky on a windy day, I get carried away.” “#CarriedAway.”

That song, the second single from Strait’s album Clear Blue Sky, is about a levelheaded narrator who gets swept away by a romance. 

Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens wrote the song. And after Strait released it, it became his 30th No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. “Carried Away” was also nominated for Single of the Year at the Country Music Association awards in 1997.

George Strait’s Romance With Norma

Strait has said he only picks songs that resonate with him. So something about “Carried Away” must have reminded him of his romance with his wife of nearly 50 years, Norma Strait.

The couple grew up in the same town – Pearsall, Texas – according to Country Living. And Strait nearly let her get away. 

“We knew each other forever, growing up in a small town,” he told a Houston radio station in 2011. “I never really even thought anything about her, but then one day I asked her out and we went on a date. We didn’t see each other for a long time after that. Then one day, I thought, ‘I’m missing the boat here,’ and we started dating again.”

They married in Mexico in 1971. They also had a modest church ceremony in the town where they grew up. Soon thereafter, Strait enlisted in the Army and had to leave for Hawaii. 

The couple are now grandparents to a grandson, Harvey, and a granddaughter, Jilliann.

The Pandemic ‘Really Sucks’

Strait told Billboard last May that he was not dealing with the pandemic very well. He had to postpone his summer stadium dates to 2021. And that did not sit well with the veteran performer.

“I wasn’t ready for this,” Strait said. “I was really enjoying playing again at a pace I could handle. To have this horrible thing come up and slap us all right in the face really sucks. I can’t wait to play with my band again in front of thousands of people. I’m addicted to that.”

Still, Strait took the opportunity to spend more time at home with his family. And he got a knee replaced right before the pandemic hit, so he used the quarantine to rehab on his own.

Above all, Strait said, friends, family and faith will get people through this pandemic.

“This is going to be over at some point and we’re going to be back to the way things were a couple months ago,” he said. “I really believe that. It will take a little more time but we can do it. Keep your chin up. Pray hard.”