George Strait Helped Miranda Lambert Mend Her Relationship With Her Father: Here’s How

by Kayla Zadel

George Strait and Miranda Lambert’s friendship spans more than a decade. But there was a time when Lambert was cutting her teeth in the music industry, and Strait was there to show her the ropes.

However, something else happened along the way. Miranda Lambert joined George Strait’s tour in 2006, fresh off the success of her first album Kerosene. During the tour, Lambert and her father got into a bit of a misunderstanding.

Lambert decided to get her first tattoo. It’s the pistol with wings that takes up the majority of her left forearm. However, her father, Rick, wasn’t too happy when he found out his daughter was now an inked woman.

“My dad was on tour with me too,” Lambert tells the story. “He was doing all my merchandise. We were all riding the same bus, we had one bus, and my dad was really mad and he wouldn’t talk to me.”

George Strait Steps in

George Strait somehow found out what was going on between Lambert and her dad. Strait decided to help his fellow Texan out and came up with a way to mend things between Lambert and her father. What’s more, we like to think that this shows that Strait understands how important family is.

“He [Strait] sent out for like 75 press-on tattoos, fake tattoos,” Miranda Lambert continues to explain. “We went in to take our end-of-tour pictures and George rolled up his sleeve and had a fake tattoo under his sleeve. The whole group, like 60 people, for the end of the tour picture had fake tattoos.”

“And my dad started laughing and my dad even had one, and sort of broke the ice between me and my dad and he talked to me again and wasn’t mad anymore,” she says. “So I like to say that George Strait helped mend my dad and I’s relationship over the tattoo incident.”

George Strait and Miranda Lambert’s Long-Standing Friendship

The misunderstanding between Lambert and her father started a long-time friendship between the two Texas country music powerhouses.

Strait even asked Lambert to join him on stage in 2014. This was something that rarely happened with the King of Country.

“In fact, my whole career, I didn’t sing with a lot of people,” George Strait explains in an interview. So it was a big deal for not only Lambert, but for Strait as well.

The two have shared the spotlight a couple more times over the years. Once in 2017, when George Strait held a benefit concert for hurricane relief. Then again in 2019 at the 54th ACM Awards.