George Strait Hilariously References ‘Pure Country’ with Joke About Cover Bands

by Charles Craighill

We have all gone to a concert where some drunken fool at a bar yells “FREEEEEBIRRRRD” at the somewhat disgruntled cover band. Some of us have even been that drunken fool. George Strait, however, has found a brand new way to anger your local cover band. He suggests we all now revert to yelling for “Pure Country” anytime a band asks for requests. He shared his hilarious joke about cover bands on Twitter earlier today.

“When the cover band asks for requests…” George Strait jokingly Tweeted with a GIF of his song “Heartland” from the movie. In the GIF, Strait dresses decked out in his all-white suit playing Dusty Chandler in the “Pure Country” movie. All of his fans let him know how much they love his songs and the movie he stars in.

“I hope you’re having a great week,” one fan responded to the Tweet. “Thank you for your music! Your voice is Magical! Your songs help me make it through each day. Love you, George.”

Another fan responded with “Watch it whenever it’s on even though I have a copy of my own. Love George Strait.”

George Strait in “Pure Country”

While most of these fans really loved George Strait in “Pure Country,” many critics considered the move somewhat of a letdown. The film starring the country music star as, well, a country music star, received mainly negative reviews from critics, however, some conceded that certain parts were done well. For instance, almost everyone felt that George Strait did a fantastic job in his debut acting job and that most of the fault fell to the plot.

With that said, the “Pure Country” soundtrack became George Strait’s best-selling album and still is to date. With classic songs like “Heartland,” “The King of Broken Hearts,” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” the soundtrack redeemed most of the negative aspects of the film. Strait also appeared in the sequel to the film, “Pure Country 2: The Gift” which did not have ties to the original plot. He appeared in that film playing himself, however, he did not make an appearance in the third movie.