George Strait Holds Record for Insane Amount of Concert Attendees in 2014

by Keeli Parkey

Decades into his legendary country music career, George Strait continues to be an artist fans want to pack into arenas, stadiums, and other venues to see. He is the King of Country, after all.

However, did you know that Strait holds a record for the number of people who attended one of his concerts a few years ago? Well, he does. And, chances are you’re going to be impressed by this.

According to, the iconic singer set a record for the number of attendees at an indoor concert in North America. He set this record in 2014. The concert took place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. There were reportedly 104,793 people in attendance at this Strait concert. That’s correct, 104,793 people in attendance!

This isn’t the only unique aspect of George Strait’s incredibly successful country music career. Case in point, he has had 60 No. 1 singles in his career. This is reportedly more than any other singer from any type of music.

And, as if these No. 1 singles weren’t enough, Strait has 33 albums that have reached the platinum or multi-platinum level. This number puts him in the company of iconic performers such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley. In fact, George Strait ranks third in this category behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

There’s also another record that illustrates the staying power of George Strait. This is the fact that he has had a Top 10 hit each year during a three-decade span. He is reportedly the only artist to ever accomplish such a feat. That is truly impressive, indeed.

Here’s another impressive feat George Strait has achieved. He is the 12t top-selling performer in United States history. This accolade includes many other genres. He has reportedly sold 70 million records in this country during his career.

You Can Celebrate George Strait – and His 69th Birthday – Along With Justin Boots

In honor of George Strait’s 69th birthday, which was on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Justin Boots released a very special limited edition boot. And, to make things even better, the boot not only honors the King of Country – it also promotes his tequila brand, Código 1530 Tequila.

Celebrating Strait and his tequila will cost you, though. The price tag of the boots has been set at $1,530.00 per pair. This price, of course, is a tribute to the Código 1530 Tequila.

A promotional video shared on Twitter announced the release of these special George Strait boots on May 18. The boots are described as “artisan.” They include the logo of the King of Country’s tequila brand, as well as his name.