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George Strait Honors First Responders in Powerful New Video for ‘The Weight of the Badge’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

 Today is First Responders Day. To celebrate the day and the people on which it casts a light, George Strait released the official video for “The Weight of the Badge.” This isn’t your average music video, though. It features several men and women who carry that weight every day.

Additionally, it shines a light on their families who carry the weight as well. They don’t wear the badge, but they have to worry every time their loved ones leave the house. In short, the video will touch your heart and give you a new respect for the first responders who keep our communities safe.

George Strait co-penned the song with his son Bubba and Dean Dillon. You can tell they all put their hearts into it and it’s a wonderful tune. However, the best parts of this video are the conversations with first responders. They lend a new depth to the lyrics of “The Weight of the Badge.” We tend to take these local heroes for granted. Listening to their stories and hearing the weight of their badges in their voices will change that.

About the first responders in the video, George Strait said, “The men and women in this music video are our friends and neighbors who carry the weight of the badge each day.” Then, Strait addressed first responders specifically. “Thank you. We appreciate you and the sacrifices you and your families make.”

George Strait Gives a Special Sneak Peek to First Responders

Most of the world saw George Strait’s new music video for the first time this morning. However, some were fortunate enough to see it last night. The video premiered last night at the First Responders Children’s Foundation’s 20th anniversary gala in New York City. Many of the men and women featured in the video were in attendance last night, which made the premiere that much more special.  

First Responders Children’s Foundation provides financial assistance to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty and families dealing with financial hardships after a tragic loss. Additionally, the Foundation supports educational programs and activities hosted by first responders which benefit children or their communities.

George Strait’s new music video isn’t the only thing to come out today that honors first responders. TheWeightOfTheBadge.com will also launch later today. The website invites people to share their personal stories about the first responders in their lives or their gratitude for first responders. So, if you have one of these local heroes in your life, head on over there and share your story (or theirs) with the world.

Finally, to all first responders out there keeping our communities safe across the country, we’d like to extend our gratitude. The Outsider team appreciates what you’re doing. Thank you for carrying the weight of the badge so we can sleep peacefully at night.