George Strait Honors National Horse Day With Photo of His Trusty Mount

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

It is National Horse Day and you know it wouldn’t be complete without a little George Strait in our lives. Thankfully, he knows that too.

The King of Country Music is always sharing pictures both new and old of himself with a horse or two.

The consummate cowboy looks ready to tackle the week ahead as we finish up Monday. After all these years he’s still got that iconic look and he isn’t afraid to slap on a belt buckle the size of an iPhone Pro Max. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

George Strait captioned his photo simply but I couldn’t have put it any better myself. “It’s time to celebrate our trusty steeds. Happy #NationalHorseDay.”

Now, my father-in-law used to be in the horse business driving carriages. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magnificent beasts from him it is that they are just so dang smart. A horse can be as good of a friend as a dog if you take the time to care for it deeply.

Strait always looks happy with his horses and us Outsiders love seeing him in the saddle or with reigns in his hands. Living that cowboy lifestyle day in and day out. Even if it wasn’t National Horse Day, the country singer would likely find a reason to post one of his beautiful chestnut-colored steeds.

If there is one thing that George Strait is good at besides being the King of Country, it is paying homage to things and people around him. He knows the special bonds folks have with horses because he has had them. He also knows about the artists that influenced him and the genre of American music, such as the late Vicente Fernández.

George Strait Remembers the Late, Great Vincente Fernández

Yesterday, it came out that the legendary mariachi singer, Vicente Fernández had passed away. The singer and songwriter, known as the King of Rancheras, is one of the most influential artists of his genre. George Strait understands the impact the Mexican singer had on music and himself personally.

While a lot of Americans likely wouldn’t listen to Fernández of their own volition, his music has spread all over the world. Strait was a big fan and even considered the Mexican singer to be one of his heroes.

For the King of Rancheras, the King of Country put out a beautiful statement.

“Sad news today,” he tweeted. “We lost the amazing legendary Vicente Fernández this morning. One of my heroes. May he Rest in Peace and may God bless and comfort his family. Hasta la Cruz Chente!! gs.”

For those George Strait fans that think they have never listened to Vincente’s music. Think again. Strait covered the singer’s El Rey back in 2009 on the Twang album. He even sang the entire song in Spanish, something that took many fans by surprise.