George Strait Interview Series Highlighting Police Ends on Emotional Note

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

As you are all aware of George Strait’s The Weight Of The Badge song, there’s also a series. Two days ago, Strait hypes up the final episode of the Spotlight Interview Series.

Joseph Sinatra, the Chief of Police, shares the importance of police officers in communities.

“The final episode of our #TheWeightOfTheBadge Spotlight Interview series is here. Chief of Police, Joseph Sinatra shares the importance of a strong relationship between the police and its local community.”

He adds the website at the end of the caption for fans to submit their own hero story. They can also donate in support of first responders that didn’t make it home. Anything helps, especially around the holidays when families need support the most.

The clip starts out showing different officers’ badges while he speaks. “We have a great relationship with our community. We get along with them very well and they trust the police,” he says. “It gives you a little bit better perspective on why we need police in our communities.”

With all of the hate many policeman have faced in recent years, this series shines a positive light on the amazing work they do. At the end of the day, not all police officers are bad. They’re just here to keep you safe.

The Inspiration Behind George Strait’s Song

First and foremost, George Strait wanted to salute any first responders or police officers out there who didn’t make it home or are currently struggling. Strait premiered the official music video on October 28, 2021 on social media. He chose this day in honor of National First Responders Day.

Throughout the video, it shows our everyday heroes going through their everyday lives. Their main goal is to defend their communities while risking their own lives. As the video begins, Sinatra gives a rundown of what the video is truly about.

“You have people that are going out and doing a job to defend their communities,” Sinatra says. “And you know in the back of the mind of every one of those officers, one of them might not be going home.”

As devastating as that is to hear, it’s a truth that officers live with every day. They risk so much for us so that we can remain safe and free to do what we want in life.

It impacts the families of these servicemen the most. As many of us have felt or can imagine, the thought of a family member not returning home at all is terrifying. And that is exactly why George Strait wrote this song.