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George Strait Introduces New ‘Strait From the Stage’ Series, Highlighting Classic Performances

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

Want rarely seen footage from some of George Strait’s best performances? Well, The King of Country is serving just that in his new series Strait From The Stage.

Country music legend George Strait just announced his new Strait From The Stage series. According to the post, the series will “highlight classic performances from the vault.” He kicked off the series with a video of himself singing “If You’re Thinking You Want a Stranger.”

What Do Fans Think Of Strait From The Vault?

Fans are already receiving the new series happily. One fan replied to George Strait’s post with, “Love it.” Another wrote, “Yes!! Thank you!”

Other fans shared that the throwback videos reminded them of their childhood. One fan wrote, “Brings back memories when I was a kid.” Another fan wrote, “OMG I remember falling in love with that voice on the radio in the late ’80s. And then buying the CDs and playing them endlessly. Love him.”

One fan shared her own experiences connected to the song, “If You’re Looking For A Stranger.” They wrote, “Seems it happens in most married people’s lives… as on the oilfield and truck driving jobs, as my husband was gone a lot of the time working. Ty for singing this song George Strait…”

Meanwhile, some fans decided to shoot their shot. One fan wrote, “hands down the most handsome man ever! Luv you George.” Another wrote, “Great picture of George Strait cute and good looking and what a great song.”

George Strait Says ‘Life Revolves Around Love’

The song is about a man who can feel his wife growing distant. And he knows it’s partially his fault. He decides to make some changes so that, if she really is looking for a stranger, he can be the new man that she wants. During the song, George sings, “If you’re thinking you want a stranger, I’ll soon be there. You’re gonna see a change in me, this time I swear. No more late nights, comin’ in at daylight, And no more doin’ you wrong. If you’re thinking you want a stranger, there’s one coming home.”

George Strait released the song in 1982 as the third single from his debut album Strait Country. “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger” spent 22 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number three spot.

But this wasn’t George’s first or last love song. He’s recorded countless songs about all of loves ups and downs. Some of his songs include “Give It All We Got Tonight,” “Give It Away,” “I Cross My Heart,” “Run,” and more. He even recorded titled an album, Love Is Everything. During an interview, he talked about why he was drawn to the title and the importance of love.

“You know that says it all, pretty much. Because love is everything. The world revolves around love,” said Strait. “If it’s love for your family, or your wife or your husband or your kids or your dog. Or whatever it is, life revolves around love. And love is something, if you lose it, it’s going to hurt. So, I mean, I just thought it was a great title.”