George Strait Looks Like a Tall ‘Shot of Código’ Tequila in New Photo

by Quentin Blount

Country music star George Strait may have grown up a whiskey guy, but now he is a company man. He took to social media on Friday afternoon to promote his Codigo 1530 tequila brand.

Just before Christmas last year, George Strait unveiled the latest in his Codigo 1530 tequila line. It’s a company that the country music legend invested in more than three years ago. Heck, he even has a song named after it.

His latest release — called the “George Strait Origen” — is the brand’s first-ever barrel select Origen. Amber in color, the tequila is made from 100 percent Blue Weber agave. It has been aged over six years in French White Oak barrels which previously held Napa Valley Cabernet. As you can imagine, the resulting tequila has a taste of ripe fruit and spicy oak.

As of November of last year, there were only 1200 bottles of the George Straight Origen in existence. Not only that but each bottle is presented in its very own keepsake gift box. This makes it the ideal gift for a seasoned collector or just a die-hard fan of George Strait or tequila.

That certainly appears to be what Strait is drinking in his most recent post on Twitter.

“Who wants to take the other shot of @Codigo1530?” Strait posed to his fans.

It would appear that country music fans would line up to take a shot with George Strait. And to be completely honest, we can’t blame them.

“Codigo with the King,” one fan wrote in reply.

“Never heard of it, but now it’s the only tequila I drink,” another fan hilariously commented.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere!” another George Strait fan said.

George Strait Talks About Codigo Tequila

According to the King of Country himself, Strait admitted that he was never really a tequila guy. But that mindset changed when he started working with Codigo. He told Rolling Stone that their tequila doesn’t use any additives.

“I was never a big tequila drinker before Codigo,” Strait told. “If I drank it at all, it was with a lime. And I would try to get the taste out of my mouth as fast as I could. I think that was from all the additives that some companies put in their tequila, which we don’t do. There is no harsh burning aftertaste to it. So, it’s very nice to sip on straight.”

Codigo now has five different expressions of tequila for sale. And for the fans out there who want to try it, you can find it in all 50 states.

“The other founders and I had been drinking the unnamed juice for a few years before we decided to try and take it to the rest of the world,” Strait continued. “None of us were trying or had any plans to start a tequila company. But it was just too good not to share.”