George Strait: Meet the Country Icon’s Only Son Called ‘Bubba’

by Charles Craighill

George Strait, the “King of Country Music” is known for his deep, traditional country voice and his love for the rodeo. Less well known, however, is how he shares those two passions with his son, Bubba. George Strait Jr, otherwise known as “Bubba” grew up following in his father’s footsteps while staying pretty hidden from the spotlight.

George Strait and his wife, Norma, welcomed Bubba on May 14 of 1981. The family had one daughter before him, however, she died in a tragic accident as a teenager. That tragedy did not stop the family from carrying on as Bubba grew up to become a multi-talented individual, just like his father. He even shares his father’s good looks.

Bubba the Bull Rider

Bubba grew up in Texas where he attended college at Texas A&M University. It was in college that he began taking after his father and exploring a career in Bull Riding. After graduation, he took the next step in his career and joined the PRCA team as a roper. George Strait Sr. has expressed his joy in sharing that pastime with his son.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world to watch my son win a roping,” George Strait said in an interview with the Team Roping Journal. “Or even to just watch him compete. I’m sure I’m way more nervous than he is when I’m just watching. Bubba and I have been fortunate to win a couple of buckles together, and that, my friends, is the ultimate.”

George Strait and His Son’s Musical Bond

Beyond bull riding, George Strait and Bubba share another passion. Growing up with the “King of Country Music” as a father, you would have to imagine how hard it was to avoid music. Well, Bubba took a liking to it and has put together a small career of his own around it. However, he stays more on the songwriting end of the country music industry.

In fact, Bubba has songwriting credits on around 30 songs off of George Strait’s albums since 2009. He works side by side with many of the biggest songwriting names in the industry, namely Strait’s go-to man, Dean Dillon. This has helped him flourish and perfect the art of bringing stories to life, a talent he showed from a young age.

Bubba doesn’t just write songs, however. He also performs occasionally with his famous father. While this might be a rare occurrence, it never fails to ring in applause when it happens.

Even Bubba’s young son has started to try his hand in music as he appears on George Strait’s “God and Country Music” off his most recent album. Bubba clearly doesn’t mind continuing the family business and neither does his son. Both have proven to share their father and grandfather’s talent, so hopefully, we will have country music classics coming from the Strait family for years to come.