George Strait Quotes Legendary Song ‘True’ With Classic Throwback Concert Snap

by Clayton Edwards

George Strait has a huge collection of hit songs. Part of the reason he has so many hits is that he knows how to pick songs with the best of them. He doesn’t have to write the lyrics to feel and convey the emotion behind them. At the same time, he generally chooses songs that have real meaning to them. So, you might be able to dance or hold your special someone to them but you can also feel those words in your soul.

Earlier today, George Strait shared a throwback photo of him on stage. The photo is great. However, the best part of the post is the caption. There, he brings all of his followers back to 1998. That’s the year that he dropped the classic album One Step at a Time. That record, like most of Strait’s discography, is full of incredible and memorable songs. Among those songs is, “True,” which might be one of the most earnest love songs ever written. Check out the post below. Then, we’ll take our own trip back in time and talk about the song.

George Strait showed his penchant for choosing words in the caption. So, it didn’t just remind us all of a great song. It also gave everyone some words of wisdom. “True, not another minute on this Earth can be borrowed, so there’s no way to know when I’ll live my last tomorrow.” You never know when tomorrow isn’t going to be there. So, you’ve got to live and love to the fullest every day.

More About George Strait’s 1998 Hit “True”

Marv Green and Jeff Stevens co-wrote, “True.” George Strait released it as the second single off of One Step at a Time. Somehow, the song barely missed being one more chart-topper for King George. It peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The album hit the same position on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart.

Lyrically, “True,” is a declaration of a love that is deep and true. It starts by pointing out that relationships don’t last like they used to. In the “modern age,” the chance of two people falling in love and making it last forever is, George Strait sings, “two in a million hearts.” However, he knows that the love he feels is the real deal. “Girl, this ain’t just another run-of-the-mill emotion / What I’m feelin’ is the definition of devotion. / My love for you is true.”

In the chorus, George Strait compares his love to several things that you can’t deny. “True like the sun comin’ up every mornin’. / Bright as the light in a baby’s smile. / Right as the rain fallin’ from the sky. / Girl, my love for you is true.”

There’s a reason that songs like, “True,”  remain at the top of George Strait fans’ lists. They’re timeless and real. You can feel the emotion behind them. In short, they feel true.