George Strait Reaches Out to ‘Those Who Have Served’ with Veterans Day Message

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that George Strait stands behind all those who serve to keep this country safe. It doesn’t matter if they’re law enforcement, first responders, or military personnel, they have Strait’s support. Today, however, the United States is focusing on our veterans. We’re taking the day to show our gratitude to and appreciation for the millions of men and women who served. The legendary Texas Troubadour is no different.

Earlier today, George Strait sent out a Veterans Day message to all those who served. In his post, Strait said, “Today and every day we honor those who have served our great country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day!” Along with that message, he added a smiling photo of himself with “Happy Veterans Day” written across the bottom. Check out the full post below.

George Strait hit the nail on the head with his post. Sure, Veterans Day and the other days we have to honor those who served are great. However, it is important to keep our veterans in our minds every day. We have countless veterans in our country right now. They deserve our support, gratitude, and respect 365 days a year.

Happy Veterans Day, George Strait

We all know that George Strait is a country music superstar. He has landed scores of chart-topping hits, sold millions of records, and gathered countless fans for live shows. Additionally, he was one of the handful of artists in the early 90s who spearheaded the neotraditional country movement. In doing so, those artists helped to shape the face of country music at the time. Currently, their influence is still running strong in some spheres of country music. In short, country music wouldn’t be the same without Geroge. However, some fans may not know that he’s also a veteran.

Back in 1985, George Strait sat down with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel to talk about his then-rising star in the country music world. In that interview, he attributed much of his success to his time in the United States Army. He enlisted in 1971 and served four years. Then, he left the Army as Corporal Strait.

George Strait told the Sun-Sentinel that the commanding officer at Schoefield Barracks started three different bands on post – a country band, a rock band, and a blues band. The CO did the same to boost morale in Korea and it had worked well. So, he wanted to do it again. Of course, Strait auditioned for the country band and got in.

He spent his days rehearsing and his nights playing gigs for his fellow troops. Those years of practice gave him the skills and confidence he needed to eventually pursue a career as a singer.