George Strait Is Ready To Ride Into the Weekend in Classic Cowboy Snap

by Jonathan Howard

Those who work for a living know that the weekend is a sweet thing to have. Over on Instagram, George Strait shared a weekend message for fans. The King of Country has been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently on Twitter and Instagram. Whether Strait is sharing lyrics to his classic hits or posting pics of his younger self, he has been making quite a few mentions of the good old days.

For the last month or so the country music legend has been sharing clips and photos with fans as well as lyrics in an effort to encourage engagement it seems. It has been 24 years since George Strait topped the charts with Carrying Your Love With Me. The artist also shared quite the horseback photo complete with lyrics from his 2000s hit, Troubadour.

At 69-years-old, Strait is still going strong. Although COVID-19 stopped almost all live music, Strait is starting to play shows again and get back on the road. Although it seems like Strait is posting an awful lot of old photos and lyrics, it makes sense. With a catalog the size of his, there is so much to come back to and it never gets old.

Songs like Check Yes or No, Amarillo By Morning, The Breath You Take, Give It Away, and more are timeless and are why George Strait is the King of Country. You don’t sell the second-most country records ever without having those classics in your back pocket.

George Strait Posts Youthful Photo for Weekend

The picture that Strait posted on Instagram today shows that classic cowboy look he has always sported. Along with the caption “Tip your hat if you’re ready for the weekend,” the photo captures that young innocence that Strait carried with him through his early career.

There really isn’t a better Friday afternoon post. Smiling George Strait and a nice little message to get you through the end of that Friday workday. Currently, Strait is traveling the country for a number of shows. He will soon be playing in Las Vegas for a couple of shows before moving on to a few other venues and dates.

George Strait’s last release was in 2019. Honky Tonk Time Machine features 13 songs from Strait, many co-written with his son Bubba Strait. The singles from the album include Every Little Honky Tonk Bar and Codigo. One special part of the album includes a cover of Johnny Paycheck’s classic Old Violin.

Almost time for the weekend, might as well put on some George Strait and ride away into Saturday.