George Strait Remembers One of His Early Performances in Throwback Video

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years and the decades, George Strait has had a lot of great performances, specifically at the Houston Rodeo.

The thing about the King of Country is that he doesn’t forget where he picked up his Excalibur. Strait’s performances at the Houston Rodeo are some of his most iconic and important of his career. Ahead of this year’s performance and appearance at the event, the singer posted a throwback.

Strait might also be the King of Throwbacks. He has an endless supply of great pictures and videos from the past. He tries to post something at least once a week. Now, check out the video below and take in 30 seconds of some vintage George.

Over the years George Strait has entertained and dazzled with love songs and tunes about life on the open road. Whenever I think about Strait and the Houston Rodeo, I immediately think of Amarillo By Morning. “They took my saddle in Houston,” always gets the crowd rocking at the western event.

And, I mean, he clearly knew how to perform at a young age, didn’t he? I reckon whoever he made eye contact with in this video died of a heart attack with a smile on their face. Dreamy, ain’t he?

This year is a major year for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. In fact, it is the 90th anniversary of the event. Back in 1932, things got started. George Strait has been a major part of that success over the years. It looks like he is going to remain a part of that success moving forward as he takes to the stage yet again. Are they even allowed to have this thing without him present? I’m not too sure.

George Strait Heralded by Rocker Sebastian Bach

Now, did you ever think you would hear this? After a recent show that George Strait had in Las Vegas, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach hung out afterward and met up with Strait. Now, that’s a room that has some vocal talent. And, the thing is, Bach knew how unlikely the pairing was from the get-go.

“Here is the combo you did not know you needed!” Bach said on Instagram. “Sebastian Bach with the King of Country [George Strait].” It wasn’t just the King himself that Bach met up with. He got to hang out with the whole family and called George Jr., “an amazing lyricist in his own write [sic].” A clever play on words there.

George Strait is willing to meet with anyone it seems. He doesn’t care who they are. I bet that these two got to talking about music in a way that most of us wouldn’t even understand. Legends, both of them.