George Strait Rings in the First Day of Fall in True George Strait Fashion

by Courtney Blackann

Since fall is officially here, we can all parade around in sweaters and boots, smelling of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the season. One famous country artist is doing just that – minus the pumpkin spice (probably). But since George Strait pretty much does everything right – he’s grounded, his music is timeless, he has his own line of tequila – he’s also celebrating the first day of fall in the most epic way.

The Texas native shared a photo on Instagram which perfectly captures the season. Riding on a horse in the middle of a field, Strait looks cool as a cucumber.

“Happy First Day of Fall, y’all!” Strait captioned the photo. The singer looks majestic in the golden field. Though it’s not particularly super fall-like in the south just yet, we’re sure the fall vibes are still strong.

And while George Strait looks good in every season, we think he’s particularly settled into the autumn season.

George Strait and the Song He Almost Didn’t Record

While George Strait is pretty much a legend in the country world – what with 60 number one hits, AMAs, Billboard Awards, CMAs (need we go on?) – he doesn’t usually make any missteps. However, the legend almost didn’t record one song, which would have been a total mistake.

The fun, beachy and laidback song “Living and Living Well” was nearly passed over by Strait. He didn’t think it resonated and almost decided against cutting the song. Luckily the artist did record the song in 2002 and it went straight to the top of the charts. It hit number one and has since become a popular hit.

“Obviously, I was wrong, because it went to No. 1. I just didn’t think it was strong,” the legend said.

We’re glad to cut the song, too. It’s a great feel-good song. Even if it’s not as strong as some of his other number one hits.

Additionally, Strait loves cutting music and interpreting lyrics. While he doesn’t write every song that’s been a hit, he’s recently gotten back into the grove of songwriting. His son, Bubba, encouraged him to do just that after sharing some of his own songs with Strait.

After making hits over a storied career, Strait is still at it. He’s not one to give lengthy interviews – instead valuing his personal space. However, the star continues to be a major influence of country music.

Further, throughout his career, Strait has managed to stay humble and grounded. He’s been a pillar of country music – but also a staple of industry’s standards.

We don’t know know how much longer the legend will continue to make music, but we hope it’s well into the future.