George Strait Shares ‘Fire’ Throwback Photo Dressed in Classic Cowboy Fashion

by Keeli Parkey

George Strait is taking his fans down a walk down memory lane via social media this week.

On Wednesday (May 12), Strait tweeted a photo of him on stage with his guitar. He is all smiles in the photo. He is also looking like the ideal cowboy. He’s checking all the boxes – ideal hat, shirt, jeans, and, of course, attitude.

Also, like many of his other tweets, this message references one of his numerous popular country music songs.

“You’ve become a memory I can’t live without. You’ll always be a fire I can’t put out.” #AFireICantPutOut,” the King of Country posted on Twitter.

The lyrics George Strait shared on Wednesday are from his song, “A Fire I Can’t Put Out.” According to his website, this popular song appeared on his second studio album. This album was titled “Strait from the Heart.”

And, in addition to “A Fire I Can’t Put Out,” the album included such songs as “Amarillo By Morning,” “Marina del Rey,” and “Fool Hearted Memory.” Interestingly, it was “Fool Hearted Memory” that became the King of Country’s very first number-one single.

“A Fire I Can’t Put Out” is a song about still loving someone who has moved on from a relationship that has come to an end. It’s a song that so many people can identify with. Just check out these lyrics:

“I don’t know how to handle the dream you left behind. / It’s like a lighted candle burning up my mind. / At least I’m happy knowing what love is all about. / You’ll always be a fire I can’t put out.”

If you have experienced such a loss and similar pain, this George Strait song will bring up those emotions once again. And, unsurprisingly, the King of Country gives a moving performance on the sad song.

You can listen to George Strait sing “A Fire I Can’t Put Out” below.

George Strait Invites Fans to Take Part in Emoji Challenge Via Twitter

The May 12 tweet shared by George Strait is just one of many messages recently shared by the legendary country singer via Twitter.

Another example is the May 6 tweet he posted. This tweet invited his fans and followers to guess one of his many songs he referenced using only emojis.

That song turned out to be his hit song, “The Fireman.” He released this track in 1985. This song was part of his “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” album. This was the King of Country’s fourth studio album.