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George Strait Shares Hilarious ‘Twin Fiddles and a Steel Guitar’ Meme

by Outsider
(Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage)

Even country legends like to share memes. George Strait proved as much with a fun image of his own shared to social media.

The superstar took to Instagram with a photo of himself grinning toward the crowd. The caption read “When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar.”

The meme is about Strait’s song “Heartland,” which contains similar lyrics.

“Sing a song about the #Heartland, Sing a song about my life,” the lyrics go. The “twin fiddles” comment is a nod to the very beginning of the tune.


The song is well-loved among Strait’s fan base, and for good reason. It’s the quintessential country song. It’s also easy to learn. No wonder Strait would have a grin on his face if he hears those “steel guitar and fiddles.”

Fans who follow Strait gushed over the song after he posted it. It’s a well-loved track, so they had kind words for the funny photo Strait created.

George Strait is arguably the most accomplished singer-songwriter in country music. His career has spanned three decades and shows no signs of stopping. He’s accumulated more #1 singles than any other artist in the world. Strait has managed to sell nearly 60 million records over the course of his career. He’s also been in so many music videos it’s hard to count. If anyone can make a meme of their career and laugh about it online, it’s him.

You don’t always expect such huge artists to be able to laugh at themselves or their careers. It looks like Strait is out here living his best life and doing both. Here’s hoping his career continues to flourish, as he’s likely got several hit country records left in him. And we could all use another meme or two.

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