George Strait Tasks Fans with Trying to Name All 60 No. 1 Hits

by Jacklyn Krol

Do you know how many chart topping hits George Strait has? Sixty!

The Ultimate Challenge

On March 8, the country crooner gave fans the ultimate task, to name all of his No.1 hits. His social media accounts also shared a Spotify playlist of all of his hits in one place.

How exactly did he achieve this beyond impressive feat? His record label, MCA Nashville, made a campaign for him, 60 for 60. They enlisted the help of his fellow artists and fans for Strait to get his 60th No. 1 in time for his 60th birthday. “Give It All We Got” was his 115th single and 60th chart-topper. The hit tune was written by Tim James, Phil O’Donnell and Mark Bright.

All 60 George Strait Hits

Strait first reached the country radio charts back in 1981 with Unwound. His first-ever chart-topper was in 1982 with “Fool Hearted Memory.”

In 2017, Strait announced two back-to-back Las Vegas shows where he would perform all of his chart-toppers in order. He clarified to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he did not get the idea from Mariah Carey, who performed her 18 pop radio hits during her Caesars Palace residency.

“The only thing about doing them in chronological order is you might have a couple of ballads back to back,” he explained of his setlist decision. “It’s how they fell, though, so that’s what I’m doing.” He admitted that he would “rarely” but similar slower songs back to back for normal shows. “I like to mix up the tempos to keep the pace of the show up,” Strait explained. “This is a special situation, though, and I think the fans will get into it. I think it will bring back a lot of old memories for them, just like it’s doing for me.”

Fans know classic Strait songs that aren’t No. 1. And at the same time, some of those No. 1s haven’t become staples for some fans. “There are some songs that I didn’t do in my shows very long, like ‘Go On’ and ‘One Night At a Time,'” George Strait told the outlet. “To call these songs traditional is a stretch, I think, but that’s not saying they’re not good songs. I loved them, and obviously a lot of my fans did as well, since they went to No. 1. I’m loving bringing them back. I think my fans will hear some songs and say, ‘Hey I forgot about that one.’”