George Strait Thought He Should’ve Turned Down One of His No. 1 Hits: Here’s Why

by Courtney Blackann

You can’t be a fan of country music without giving legend George Strait a proper nod. The singer has just done too much, accomplished too many things in his time. From 60 number one hits – yes, 60 – he’s been the inspiration of so many artists who followed him.

With dozens of Billboard, ACM, CMA and AMA awards dating back to the early 1980s, its safe to say the artist has achieved a status no other country musician has. Despite his paramount success, Strait continues to make music and stay grounded.

Though he doesn’t dwell on his fame, there’s no denying the man is a kind of father to country music in the late twentieth century. Even now, Strait continues to just do what he loves – which is make music and break records.

However, there’s one song the artist almost didn’t cut. “Living and Living Well” went number one when it was released in 2002. But Strait almost passed on it when it was presented to him. The song, written by Mark Nesler, Tom Shapiro and Tony Martin, was something Strait just wasn’t interested in at first.

“Obviously, I was wrong, because it went to No. 1. I just didn’t think it was strong,” the legend said.

While it’s definitely a fun, laid-back tune and easy to sing, it’s certainly not what the singer is most known for. However, Strait also admitted that because he’s made so many songs throughout the years, he doesn’t remember them all. And that’s fair. He gets a pass, because, well, he’s George Strait.

George Strait Gets Back to Songwriting

While the king of country music hasn’t always written his own music, choosing instead to record some great songs and make them his own, he recently opened up about getting back into songwriting. And he had a little help from his son doing so.

On his first few albums he released, Strait wrote a lot of his own music. His popularity climbed and he was offered dozens and dozens of songs to record, however. For years after, Strait put his own writing on the back burner to record songs from some really talented Nashville songwriters.

It wasn’t until years ago that Strait’s son Bubba called up his dad to let him know he wrote a song. Like any good dad would do, Strait gave the tune a listen – and he liked it. He included the song “Arkansas Dave” on his record “Twang.” Bubba also helped write many of the songs on that album.

This would inspire Strait to really get back into more songwriting as time allowed.