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George Strait’s ‘Ocean Front Property’: Story Behind the Iconic Song

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM

Some of George Strait‘s greatest hits were also his saddest. The country music star knows hows to tug at the heartstrings even with an up-tempo beat.

On first listen, “Ocean Front Property” may not sound like one of the sad ones. But the song reveals a man lying to himself and his significant other about how much he’d miss her if she left. The narrator doesn’t want her to know that he loves her. The song examines masculinity through the lens of an ocean front property in Arizona, a bold claim as large as the lie he tells himself.

But the song is also a love ballad because Strait’s narrator reveals to his significant other that he’s withholding his emotions for her.

George Strait Saw the Value in the Tune

Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran, and Royce Porter wrote George Strait’s hit together in the backroom of a Nashville studio. Cochran and Porter wrote the first verse to what would become “Ocean Front Property” without Dillon. The songwriter discovered them working on the song in a backroom of the studio.

They let Dillon develop the song’s bridge and second verse. The trio finished the song in about an hour, but none of them were impressed with the tune. Despite writing the song, they didn’t think it had the potential to be a No.1 hit. But Strait, however, realized how special the song could be.

While flying from Texas to Nashville, George Strait added his own steel guitar pattern and worked on the melody that he desired. Combined all together, “Ocean Front Property” gave Strait another hit when it released in 1987. The song was his 10th No. 1 single on his way to a career total of 60 hits.

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