Grand Ole Opry Has Fun with ‘Oak Ridge Boys’ Member Joe Bonsall By Dedicating Bathroom Stall: PHOTOS

by Matthew Memrick

Grand Ole Opry recently had a little bathroom humor fun with Oak Ridge Boys member Joe Bonsall, and he took dedication in stride.

In one of the Grand Ole Opry men’s bathroom stalls, an unnamed person put a handbill on a door dedicating the stall to Bonsall. Bonsall had fun with the handbill on Twitter, posing for two of the three photos he took in the bathroom.

The post, in capital letters, started, “This stall is hereby dedicated to the Great Joe Bonsall this seventh day of August, 2021.” 

Below the first sentence was a picture of Bonsall singing along. Below the picture, the post continued, “In celebration of the Oak Ridge Boys’ 10th anniversary as Grand Ole Opry Members.”

His Twitter fans rolled with laughter. One fan said, “Well, Joe…at least it’s a throne!”

Bonsall, Oak Ridge Boys Have Second Home In Opry

Famously, Bonsall told that every time the Grand Ole Opry needed them to perform, they did.

“We have played here so many times (that) we have lost track,” Bonsall said. “It’s like we’ve been asked to dinner for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, they are saying, ‘Welcome, now you’re moving in!’”

Between 1943 and 1973, the Oak Ridge Quartet moved to Nashville and became known as The Oak Ridge Boys. Over the years, the band’s personnel has changed. According to Opry’s website, Bonsall joined the band in 1973. William Lee Golden joined in 1965, Duane Allen in 1966, Richard Sterban in 1972.

According to the venue’s website, President George H.W. Bush surprised the band on their 2011 membership night with a video greeting. The Grand Ole Opry’s honor came after dozens of visits over the years. 

“I cannot think of any group or any person who deserves this honor more,” President Bush said that night. 

Bush said that he’d been an Oak Ridge Boys fan since he first heard the group from inside the White House while they were singing “Elvira” on the White House lawn. 

More Big News For Bonsall, ‘Oak Ridge Boys’ In August

In other news, The Big Machine Music City Grand Prix and the Grand Ole Opry announced that The Oak Ridge Boys would be headlining the Grand Ole Prix show after the IndyCar race on Aug. 8.

That weekend, the band would also be celebrating its tenth anniversary of being an Opry member. Alan Jackson was the original performer but later announced unavailable, citing tour-related logistics.

“We are honored and, to be quite honest, very excited about performing in Nashville after the GRAND PRIX,” Bonsall said. “Thank you, Grand Ole Opry, for inviting us to take part in this historical event. Let’s go racing, Nashville!”