Granger Smith, Wife Amber Announce Birth of Their Son, Maverick, with Touching Hospital Photo

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

On Friday (August 20th), country singer-songwriter Granger Smith announced his wife Amber gave birth to their baby boy, Maverick. 

“He’s here! Wow… So many emotions,” Granger declares in an Instagram post, which features a super sweet snapshot of Amber holding the beautiful baby. “Maverick Beckham Smith made his debut today.”

Granger also shared that Maverick and Amber are doing great. Granger and Amber met on the set of Smith’s “Don’t Listen to the Radio” music video. The couple was married in February 2010 and Amber has been featured in several of Granger’s music videos. They also have one daughter and two other sons. The couple experienced tragedy when their son River passed away after a drowning accident at their home. 

Granger Smith Opens Up About Having More Children After the Death of His Son River 

Following the news that they were expecting their fourth child, Granger Smith and Amber opened up to People about adding another family member after River’s passing.

“We really needed a fresh start,” Granger Smith stated. “We didn’t need to forget anything and just needed a new change of pace where we’re really reestablishing new roots on a new piece of land with some new neighbors. And getting us out of the rut that it’s easy to get into, especially tragedy.”

Amber further explained, “We didn’t want to stay stuck in our grief where we couldn’t grow as people and be the best parents that we can be for London and Lincoln. Like Granger said, [this is] never going to be a replacement. We’re doing the best that we can moving forward.”

Granger Smith goes on to add that River is part of many discussions and is so much embedded in the family’s daily lives that it’s just as if he’s still with them. “I’ve talked about him a thousand times just today, including this conversation.”

Granger & Amber Shared Thoughts About Latest Pregnacy

Amber also opened up about Maverick’s pregnancy by saying it’s hard to understand that the new baby will exist because another child doesn’t. “And I haven’t completely unpacked that idea.”

Granger agrees with Amber by saying how it’s so profound to think that as Maverick grows and gets old everything he does that has purpose and meaning in his life will be because another child before him paved the way for him. “We’ll think about till the day we die, I’m sure.”

“It’s a gift from God, but it’s [also] a gift from River’s life, and his legacy that this baby is able to be here.” Amber shared. She then revealed that she doesn’t want Maverick to be overshadowed by River and we don’t want him to grow up ever feeling guilty.