Guns N’ Roses Releases New Version of Classic Hit ‘November Rain’: LISTEN

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Who says you can’t make a classic even better? Well, not the iconic band Guns ‘N Roses, that’s for sure! This year, the legendary rockers are revamping one of their biggest hits of all time, November Rain. It’s a wildly impressive addition to the band’s library as it brings an even livelier and more moving sound to the fan-favorite hit. Well over thirty years after the song’s original release.

Guns N’ Roses is bringing a treat to fans as they are releasing a new rendition of their iconic Use Your Illusion albums I & II. This Use Your Illusion Box set is set for release on November 11 and includes some new takes on some favorite hits. Including the band’s legendary production of November Rain.

Guns N’ Roses Does The Impossible – Making The Perfect Rock Ballad Even Better

This latest version of the 1991 hit features a much livelier and lusher sound as a 50-piece orchestra develops the song’s iconic sound. This new version is arranged and conducted by composer Christopher Lennertz. Lennertz is a legend in the industry, working in film, and television as well as music.

Steven Wilson mixed the final product, giving the song its legendary mix of soul-tearing rock music mixed with moving orchestral sounds. Wilson has hand in remixing albums for some other big names in music including Kiss, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, and Yes.

“The new 2022 version [of ‘November Rain’] is the same performance as the original, and mixed faithfully to the established version,” notes Wilson. However, this version brings a “newly recorded orchestration replacing the sampled sounds used at the time” of the song’s original release, Wilson explains.

From the moment the first notes of this remake hit our ears we can tell there is something different. Something bigger about the sound. The piano accompaniment takes us back to 1991 however, this time the notes are a bit lusher. Stronger almost. The new version of the accompanying strings adds a sort of magic to the song. Something that wasn’t quite as intense in the original hit. A big feat, no doubt, since few would argue the original lacked intensity.

November Rain Leaves A Memorable Mark On The Music Video Age

The legendary Guns N’ Roses song was released in 1991 with the release of the Use Your Illusion I album. It has long been one of the group’s most epic hits. Especially after the history-making music video hit the MTV airwaves just a year later in 1992. This video became one of the most popular videos in MTV’s history. November Rain was one of the most expensive video production as well. Since then this original video has surpassed 1.9 billion views on YouTube. This newest Use Your Illusion box set is set to release later this month on November 11.