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Gwen Stefani Celebrates Blake Shelton’s Birthday with Surprise Party in Sweet Post

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Warner Music)

Country music star, Blake Shelton, turned 45 today, and no one was as excited about it as his fiancé, pop icon, Gwen Stefani, who threw her “#favoritecountrysinger” a surprise party. In an Instagram video, the man of the hour walks into the backyard to find a crowd of smiling faces all shouting, “Surprise!”

The video opens with a quick sweep of the backyard, where followers can see huge, silver balloons spell out “HBD 45 BLAKE.” Following a quick round of shushes, Shelton, dressed in a navy-button down tee, steps out of view, as though uncertain if the crowd is here for him. His fiancé quickly assures him, “It’s your birthday,” as she ushers him towards his loved ones.

Always fashionable, Stefani has her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, the ends dip-dyed a blue almost as dark as her fiancé’s outfit. Paired with her gold-chain necklaces and black corset top, Stefani looks like she’s just jumped off of a magazine cover.

Finally, as Shelton bashfully crosses the doorway, a resounding “Yeehaw!” greets him. In the following video in Stefani’s post, the crowd sings “Happy Birthday.” His fiancé zooms in close to his blushing face, telling him, “Sorry Blake! I didn’t do it. I didn’t do that one.” And for some reason, Superman has joined them as well.

Blake Shelton stares at the ground with a grin on his face as his friends and family celebrate him. For viewers, it seems strange the country star and The Voice host is a bit camera shy. Although usually surrounded by paparazzi, it’s possible Shelton prefers to be the center of attention only when he’s on stage.

Blake Shelton on Cloud Nine with Fiancé

If you couldn’t already tell from the photo of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton sharing a birthday kiss, the music-star-duo still seems to be in lover’s paradise. Perhaps this is why so many fans thought the couple tied the knot this past weekend.

As far as we can tell, there was no big ceremony to speak of. However, an especially crafty photographer snapped a photo of Stefani’s hand while the stars and Stefani’s seven-year-old son, Apollo, were at the park. The photo featured not one, but—wait for it—two rings on her left hand.

Of course, this could all just be speculation. With Stefani’s success, no one would blame her for treating herself to something shiny. We would only have to question her choice of fingers to wear the ring.

The couple has yet to comment on the rumors of an impromptu ceremony, and fans of Shelton and Stefani are waiting impatiently with bated breath.

Until we know for sure, happy birthday, Blake Shelton, from all of us at Outsider.