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Gwen Stefani Explains How Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma Ranch is Absolutely ‘Magic’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: David Crotty/ Getty Images)

Being out in the country is an escape that most Hollywood stars don’t realize they need, however, not Gwen Stefani. The pop star says that her fiancé and country music star Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch is absolutely magic.

During the pandemic, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani choose to pass on the city life for the time being and quarantine out where there are fewer people and more fresh air.

The couple cozied up at Shelton’s spacious 12,000-acre ranch near Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

The time away proved to be just what the longtime couple needed. Blake Shelton finally dropped to one knee and presented Gwen Stefani with a massive rock for her finger. She now hopes the two will get married right on the property.

So you could say the ranch holds a special place in her heart now.

The beautiful lush green ranch isn’t what the California native is used to. However, Gwen Stefani says it even surprised her how much she loves it out there.

“It’s not that green right now, but it’s pretty magic, I have to say. I had no idea myself that it was such an amazing place, but it kind of feels like you go into a portal, and you’re like all of the sudden in nature, and I get to be like face to face with Blake Shelton every day.”

And if you think Blake Shelton is dreamy now, Gwen Stefani says it gets better out in the country.

“You should see those eyes under the Oklahoma stars.”

Oh, Gwen, we can only imagine.

Gwen Stefani Has Gone Full Country

The county living has really taken its toll on Stefani, who has now even ventured out of her pop genre and into the realm of her fiancé’s. She is just as shocked about the switch as us.

“I would have never imagined that. Come on. That’s so far out there that it’s hard to even remember my other life back then. But honestly, being actually being opened up to the country music genre has been really cool because I kind of define myself. You know, what I feel like makes me feel good about myself is my songwriting. That’s what I feel like I’m actually contributing to the world and some of the songwriting in country music is just masterful, and it’s storytelling, and it’s just very familiar in a lot of ways. I’m just so happy I have to be opened up to the whole genre.”

With the combination of Gwen Stefani’s angelic voice and Blake Shelton’s southern twang, the two are teaming up for a harmonious marriage.