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Gwen Stefani Reveals Christmas Tradition She Began With Blake Shelton

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/ Getty Images)

Gwen Stefani and fiancé Blake Shelton have a soft side like all of us, especially when it comes to the Christmas season. In an interview with the Hallmark Channel, Stefani reveals new traditions she has started with Shelton.

No matter who you are, you can’t hide from the sappy holiday Hallmark movies. Yes, we know they all end with a kiss in the snow, and the guy gets the girl, yet we find ourselves unexpectedly watching them for hours on end.

A little known fact about our beloved Blake Shelton is that he has executive produced three Hallmark movies. The movies include, “Time For You To Come Home for Christmas,” “Time For Me To Come Home for Christmas,” and “Time For Us To Come Home for Christmas.” The couple created a new tradition in their honor.

“That’s one thing we bonded over is watching Hallmark movies, and I said to him, ‘we should do this, but we should do it when we’re like grandma and grandpa.’ Like, wouldn’t that be so cool to like come back and be in a Hallmark movie?”

Can somebody make that happen asap? We are running out of movies to watch!

Other Traditions for Gwen Stefani’s Family

Stefani also touched on some different holiday traditions her family has, including festive pajamas.

“Even this morning, they came running in in their elf pajamas. They’re like very nostalgic about Christmas, and Apollo was saying to me last night, ‘I just love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday, Mommy,’ and I think that made me feel like maybe I’ve done something right because, you know, that’s the whole point, making these memories.”

The hit singer looks back on traditions she had as a child that she has transferred to her three boys.

“My parents were always so good at that, and one of the big things that we do at Christmas is we do this wallpaper- it’s not wallpaper it’s Christmas wrapping paper wall, so you have to actually email Santa to get it done at your house, and if you’re good, you like basically put this whole… yeah. We did that as children our whole lives, and then they get to break through and see all their toys.”

Well, we know what new tradition we are starting this year!