Gwen Stefani Takes Fans Backstage for Blake Shelton’s Iowa State Fair Concert

by Megan Molseed

During Blake Shelton’s Friday evening performance at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, his new wife and fellow “The Voice” coach, kept their Instagram fans up-to-date with backstage footage of the performance. Gwen Stefani’s video shows what life is like for the newlywed couple while on the road. From getting ready for surprise performances, the backstage help, rehydrating between sets and snuggles with their dog, Betty, the Insta post shares it all.

The pop icon’s Friday evening Instagram story started with a glimpse of the star ready in full hair and makeup. Stefani wowed the Iowa State Fair crowd this weekend with a surprise performance during the Blake Shelton concert. Of course, the pop icon couldn’t give TOO much away at first, so after a quick glimpse of the bombshell singer, the camera moves in on her cheek before fading away into another video.

A Back-Stage Point of View

Gwen Stefani’s Friday night video went on to show what it’s like to watch Shelton perform from her point of view. She also gives viewers quick snippets of the country star’s most popular songs such as “Home.”

Later, the star gives us a better look at her stage-ready look. And, with her long blonde hair styled into a straight ‘do and some gorgeous makeup, the star is stunning. As always.

We even get an “up-close” glimpse of Blake Shelton as he makes a run backstage to switch out his guitars, take a drink, and quickly towel off before running back on stage.

The pop star’s story then gives us a glimpse into the newlywed’s life on tour. Stefani takes us onto the Shelton/Stafani bus that they share with their dog, Betty. Betty snuggles up close to Blake; the poor thing is shaking uncontrollably as the sounds of the end of the evening fireworks began after the singer exited the stage.

“We’re leaving the Iowa State Fair which is awesome,” said Blake as he held a shaking Betty.

“They’re doing a fireworks show and Betty does not like fireworks,” he added.

From off-screen, we could hear Stefani giving a quick laugh.

“She does not!” Gwen Stefani joked as Betty snuggled next to Blake.

Gwen Stefani Surpises Iowa State Fair Fans

During the sold-out Friday evening performance, Stefani surprised the Iowa State Fair concert-goers with a special guest appearance with her husband during his Friday concert.

When the country music superstar started playing the first few chords of Stefani’s 1996 hit “Don’t Speak” that she first performed with her former band No Doubt, Stefani appeared on stage, much to the delight of fans.

It wasn’t until the duo finished the song, that Blake Shelton introduced his wife of just over a month to the crowd. In true Blake/Gwen fashion, the singer had to tease his new wife a bit, introducing her as Gwen Shelton, rather than her famous moniker, Gwen Stefani.

“Say hello to Gwen Shelton!” the country superstar exclaimed over the cheers after their performance of “Don’t Speak.” Gwen’s reaction was of course priceless as she first looked shocked and then gave her new husband a knowing smile. This, of course, is why we absolutely adore the two!