Hank Williams’ Grandson Sam Williams is Honoring His Sister’s Memory in a ‘Family Tradition’ Way

by Jonathan Howard

While the Hank Williams family is no stranger to tragedy, it doesn’t make it any easier. Recently, Sam Williams released his debut country album. That album, Glasshouse Children, reflects the feelings and emotions that young Williams has felt recently with the passing of his sister.

Last summer, Sam’s sister Katie was killed in a car crash. After that trauma, Hank Williams’ grandson started to cope. The country artist realized he had one of two options. He could be paralyzed by grief and sadness or he could start getting to work. He chose the latter. Plans started for memorials and other projects. However, songs were not something he wrote about his sister.

“I definitely broke and went through a really, really, really hard time,” Williams said to People, “I’m still climbing out of it. But it’s the ‘still climbing’ part that is the most important. That’ll just always be a big part of my story.” Through tears, he relayed his thoughts about not writing about his late sister…yet.

Although the songs on Glasshouse Children are emotional and powerful, none touch on the passing of his sister. Being the son of Hank Williams Jr., carries a lot of weight with it. While he doesn’t turn away from his heritage, and often embraces it, Sam doesn’t attempt to use it to his advantage. The album is more of a collection of lessons he has learned in the family. None of the songs are pop or radio formulated but are genuine and heartfelt.

Sam Williams is the Best Singer in the Family

Say what you want, Sam Williams is the best singer in the family. Just ask his dad. He has written songs professionally for the last four years and his father lets him know just how talented he is. With a family filled with so much talent that is quite a compliment. His half-brother Hank III and sisters Hilary and Holly have also had music careers.

“I’ve always been encouraged. I just wasn’t receptive of it when I was young. It’s easy to feel fraudulent,” he explained. With such a legacy in his family, the pressure was there and expectations, at least for him, were high. Even if I wrote the songs and made the whole album, there’s such a really high bar,” Williams said about those expectations.

So, Sam Williams took the time to break those expectations down on the new album. The title track of the album lays it all out. “The black gate at the bottom of a long driveway/It’s just as hard to get inside as it is to get away/A house atop the hill/Bright white paint/Looks pretty as a picture but Lord knows it ain’t/Cause its hidden bottles and wasted dollars/And broken-hearted sons and daughters/Do you think we’re paying/for the sins of our fathers still?” he sings on the track.

While Sam Williams has big shoes to fill, he seems worried about his own legacy, not his father or grandfather. With a debut album like Glasshouse Children, there is a good reason to be confident in his own talents. When he decides to share his feelings about his sister in song, the studio will be there waiting and fans will be too.