Hank Williams III’s Son ‘IV’ Releases Debut Single ‘Son of Sin’

by Clayton Edwards

In the olden days, people would trace their bloodlines back to royalty. If someone wanted to prove their natural-born importance, they would regale you with the great people who came before them. Within a few lines of “X son of Y,” everyone would know just how noble their blood really was. Well, it seems things haven’t changed too much here in 2021. A member of one of country music’s most sacred royal bloodlines has stepped onto the scene in a big way. He is IV, son of Hank Williams III, and grandson of Bocephus. Which makes him the great-grandson of the Hillbilly Shakespeare himself, Hank Williams Sr.

Now, that’s a royal lineage. Each new addition to the bloodline brings something different to the legacy. Hank Sr. is one of the best country singers that ever lived. Hank Jr. started out following in his father’s footsteps, then went full-on outlaw country. Then, Hank 3 took that one step further by blending heavy metal and punk with country music. Now, Hank Williams III’s son is following somewhat in his father’s footsteps.

“Son of Sin” by IV and the Strange Band

The debut single from IV and the Strange Band is called “Son of Sin,” and it rocks. However, you can still hear its country roots. They’re right there on full display. The son of Hank Williams III is doing his own thing while paying tribute to his lineage. Check the single out below.

The sound that IV and the Strange Band produce is amazing. It’s a seamless blend of heavy metal guitar, overdriven bass, thunderous drums, and some truly solid fiddle playing. The intro and outro of the song sound like they could have been taken straight from an old-time field recording in the Tennessee hills. You add that all together and there’s definitely something special. At the same time, it seems like he’s giving a subtle nod to being the son of Hank Williams III.

A Brief Look at Hank Williams III, His Son, and the Rest of the Bloodline

You’ll notice that IV isn’t claiming the Hank Williams name. That’s because there’s already someone out there performing under the name Hank Williams IV. His real name is Ricky Fitzgerald and he’s the grandson of Butch Fitzgerald who is rumored to be the illegitimate son of Hank Sr, according to Saving Country Music.

However, there is no doubt that IV is the son of Hank Williams III. There are court documents to prove it. A paternity suit and child support case involving IV, whose real name is Coleman Finchum, actually drove Hank 3 to country music. After IV’s mother hit Hank with a child support case, he signed with Curb and started making neotraditional country music. Before that, though, he played in punk, hardcore, and metal bands. So, it didn’t take long for his love for heavy music to combine with his country roots.

It looks like Hank Williams III’s son is skipping the middle man and going straight to blending heavy sounds and classic country with a little dash of folk music on the side. Keep your eye on IV. If this single is any indication he’s going to break the mold and bring something fresh to the table.