Hank Williams Jr. Announces Release Date for New Album ‘Rich White Honky Blues’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Good news, Hank Williams Jr. fans. Indeed, the legendary country music star announced a release date for his new album “Rich White Honky Blues.”

The album release date is June 17 for the Country Music Hall of Famer. Dan Auerbach, another legendary producer in his own right, produced the album set for mass release in June of this year. The album will feature 12 tracks in total. Amazingly, the album was put together in just three days by Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.’s New Album

Williams opened up about the album and what it means to him to create an album like this. He said in an official press release, “The blues is where it all comes from.” Williams continued, “It’s the start of everything musical in my family; everything starts with Tee-Tot and flows from there. I’ve always flirted with this stripped back blues – all the way back to the ‘80s. But I finally made an album that’s just that, and I like it.”

Auerbach also opened up about working on the album. The big-time producer said, “First thing he said to me when he walked in was, ‘I don’t really feel like ——- with this —-!’”

That’s how it was that first day of producing the album for Hank Williams Jr. He added, “If you wanted to play this kind of music, you couldn’t have better players.” It required the right kind of players for an album like this. All the pieces mattered.

He continued, “The first time I ever saw Hank Jr. on TV, I was a kid raised on Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, Sr. records, and those things came through so clearly watching him. So, I tried to assemble the right parts to just sit in that piece of who he is.” What helped was that he was so familiar with his family and his style. That served him well in the producing side of things.

Hank Williams Jr. on The Country Music Hall of Fame

Hank Williams Jr. had a short acceptance speech. That’s ok, though. It was short and sweet and to the point. That’s what the country music star does best. And in a funny way. He said according to Saving Country Music, “Well, the good thing is this didn’t happen yesterday, which was the opening day of deer season, which is kind of like squirrel season was with my father.” He concluded, “My little 6-year-old grandson sitting out there with his .44 Magnum Ruger, took his first deer.”

Be sure to look out for Hank Williams Jr.’s new album set to be released on June 17.