Hank Williams Jr. and Mary Jane Thomas Celebrate 31st Wedding Anniversary

by Clayton Edwards

Hank Williams Jr. is an outlaw country icon. His songs are full of heartache, drinking. smoking and raising hell. Early in his career, he tried to follow in his father’s classic country footsteps. However, he felt constricted by that. He needed to try something different in order to be truly happy with his musical output. That being said, fans tend to think of Ol’ Bocephus as a country boy who can survive while getting whiskey bent and Hellbound. However, the reality of things is a little different. But, they are different in a good way.

Hank WIlliams Jr. is a family man. He has been married a total of three times. You know what they say. The third time’s the charm. He and his third wife, Mary Jane Thomas are celebrating thirty-one years of married life today. From all accounts, they are a happy couple. However, they tend to keep their private life private. That might be why they have lasted for so long.

Before tying the knot with Hank Williams Jr., Mary Jane Thomas was a suntan lotion model for Hawaiian Tropic. The couple met at a concert in Washington five years before they were hitched. Their wedding took place in the University Congregational Church not far from Hank’s ranch in Missoula, Montana, according to The Orlando Sentinel. It wasn’t a big star-studded event. In fact, there were only about fifty people there. All of them were close friends or family.

Hank Williams Jr. and Mary Jane Thomas have two children together. The eldest, Katie Williams, died in a car wreck last year. Their son, Sam Smith, released his debut single, “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood,” in January of this year.

More About Hank Williams Jr.’s Wife, Mary Jane Thomas

Hank Williams Jr. and his children are no strangers to fame. They don’t mind being in the limelight. However, Mary Jane is a very private person. She doesn’t make many public appearances. When she does, she is just accompanying Bocephus to an event. At the same time, she stays away from social media. When Katie was alive, she would post photos with her siblings as well as her father. Likewise, Sam Williams posts photos with the rest of his family. However, Mary Jane usually avoids the camera.

We also know that Hank Williams Jr. and Mary Jane have three grandkids together. Katie and her husband had two children before they both passed in 2020. They were the parents of Beau Weston Dunnings and Audrey Lane Dunnings. Sam Williams has one child, Tennyson Williams.

That’s about all we know about Hank Williams Jr.’s wife. That’s alright, though. The most important thing is that she and Bocephus make each other happy.