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Hank Williams Jr. Performing Live From Wyoming Honky Tonk on Friday, How to Watch

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Hank Williams Jr. will be performing a live unplugged show at the legendary Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming tonight. The show will be streamed worldwide and it’s easy to get your ticket.

Hank Jr. announced the show earlier this month and tweeted a reminder to his followers this morning.

Unfortunately, all of the bundles including merch and a virtual hangout with Bocephus himself are sold out. On the bright side, you can still get your tickets to see the show. The livestream kicks off at 10 PM Eastern, so you still have a little time.

A Historic Event

Hank Williams Jr. hasn’t performed at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar or in Jackson Hole, WY for 40 years. This is also Hank Jr.’s first livestream show. In a year full of canceled festivals, concerts, and conventions musicians have been doing more and more virtual concerts. Up and coming acts with decent followings have had success in this format. It’s nice to see a legend like Hank Jr. stepping into the livestream arena. Fans of the greats can only hope that this signals more “live” performances from bigger names.

Up Close and Personal with Hank Williams Jr.

While the big arena shows with a full band and flashing lights are nice, there’s something to be said for seeing a stripped-down performance. Country music lends itself well to the format of just one voice and one guitar. The lack of other instruments and flashy stage dressing leaves more room for the soul of the performer to come through in the music.

Even miles away from the stage and behind a screen, these unplugged performances are some of the most personal shows that a musician can perform. As an added bonus, a front-row seat won’t cost you an arm and a leg.