Happy Birthday David Lee Murphy: ‘Dust on the Bottle’ Singer Turns 62

by Madison Miller

Today the “Loco” and “Party Crowd” singer is celebrating turning 62.

David Lee Murphy is well-known as the country artist behind songs like “Dust on the Bottle” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” his two No.1 country hits.

A Renowned Songwriter

The singer has been taking a break from recording his own music since 2004. Instead, he has been the lifeline for other artists like Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, and Jason Aldean. He has been the songwriter behind hit songs like “Living in Fast Forward,” “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not,” and “Anywhere With You.”

Like many other artists, Murphy writes about what he knows. What he knows has led him to song after song with catchy tunes and chart-topping success.

David Lee Murphy had been searching for a country music life in Nashville since his arrival in the city in 1983. For years he wrote for artists like Reba McEntire and Doug Stone. Then, he got his big break with the song “Just Once.”

Murphy is well-known for his country party hits. He is married and has three sons.

His Son, Jesse Murphy

It turns out at least one of his kids is taking a similar path to Murphy. His son, Jesse Murphy, is the lead singer of House Whiskey.

The group had their debut single, “I Quit Countin” which relies on some pretty intense southern rock sounds. The group consists of Michael Wilkes and Wally Montgomery as well. All three sing harmony and there is a double lead guitar. They have been releasing songs consistently through 2020, such as “Holding on to You” and “Tomorrow We Ride.”

Despite being excited that his son is getting into country music, he warned him of a few key things before going too deep. Before a show in Chicago, David Lee Murphy was right there listening to the group soundcheck.

“You gotta think about the offense and the defense and the special teams and your coaches. And when you have all that, you have to be drafting for next year. It’s just a constant. That’s why it’s so hard for artists out there right now … Jesse has got all the stuff to do it. It’s just about putting that team together,” David Lee Murphy said, according to Taste of Country.

Certainly, with one of the top writers in country music, Jesse Murphy already has a good team behind him.

David Lee Murphy is Keeping Busy

Besides cheering his son on for the start of his career, Murphy has been keeping busy himself.

Outsider contributor Marty Smith recently interviewed David Lee Murphy and learned of his recent re-recordings of classic hits. Learn more about his new recordings and read the full Marty Smith interview story here on Outsider.com.

In the studio, Murphy rerecorded “Dust on the Bottle” to make a more up-to-date version. He also updated “Party Crowd,” “Big Green Tractor,” “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” and “Anywhere With You.”

“These days, man, when you cut songs in the studio they just sound bigger. And when we cut Dust On The Bottle, bang! We felt the same magic all over again. It just fell out The guys playing it, Brent Mason, he’s like, ‘Man, that’s Dust On The Bottle! It was so much fun to go back in and re-record it with those guys,” Murphy told Outsider.

He has not yet decided where these tracks will end up. Whether it’s an album or straight to streaming services, Murphy will have new tracks for fans soon.