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Happy Birthday John Carter Cash: Everything to Know About the Man in Black’s Son

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for YouTube )

Today, the Man in Black’s son turns 51 years old. John Carter Cash, the only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, was born on this day in 1970. While many know that name simply as the son of a couple of country music legends, John Carter has accomplished more in his life and career behind the scenes than most people know about. Let’s get to know the musician, singer-songwriter, producer, and author that is John Carter Cash.

John Carter Cash Started Working With Music as a Child

As he revealed in an interview with Cowboys and Indians, John Carter Cash has been surrounded by music forever. Johnny first brought him on stage at 3 years old. At that point, he would just take a bow for the audience after Johnny sang one of his songs. However, he recalls the energy and intensity of the audience. This inspired him to follow the career path of music and creativity in his life. That creative direction has resulted in a very fruitful career, working with country music legends like Billy Joe Shaver, Loretta Lynn, and of course, his two legendary parents.

“You know music was always a part of my very lifeblood from when I was young,” John Carter Cash said in the interview. “That feeling — the intensity and the energy from the audience — is a beautiful thing and it stayed with me from then. But my parents always supported me and I always followed my heart and that was the first thing that I did. They would never have had it any way other than that. Music was something that was just part of my very being and creativity, in essence.”

The Fruits of His Labor

John Carter Cash, now fifty-one, has plenty to show for his long career in music and entertainment. Between his career as a musician and producer, he has three albums of his own along with production credits on dozens of other projects by several other artists. He cites some of his most beautiful experiences coming from working alongside Loretta Lynn in the studio.

“The person that I’ve actually worked the most with and recorded more songs with is Loretta Lynn,” John Carter Cash revealed. “I’m greatly blessed to have done over 100 tracks with Loretta throughout the past 10 years. She’s so much like my mother — she truly is. They’re from around the same area and so [working] with Loretta is a beautiful experience that I had.”

Beyond just music production and creation, John Carter Cash has also dipped his toes into publication. That’s right, he has several books out, including three children’s books, a novel, a cookbook, a biography, and a memoir. As you might guess, the cookbook, biography, and memoir all come from his relationship with his legendary parents. He has also found some success in the film industry as a producer and actor.

The Next Generation of Cash Family Royalty

Now, John Carter Cash has several children of his own, all of whom he claims have the musical blood in them. His oldest, Joseph, plays music and has pursued a career as an actor after graduating from Belmont College in Nashville. Anna Maybelle plays guitar and performs, following in her grandparents’ footsteps.

Jack also plays music but has focused primarily on the piano of late. However, he will soon pick up guitar lessons. Grace June, the youngest child of John Carter Cash, has already shown signs of musicality at just 11 months old. Given the country music royalty of the Cash family, there is no surprise that all of these children have already struck out on their own path to musical greatness.