Happy Birthday Luke Bryan: Celebrate the Country Singer’s 45th Birthday With His Best Hits

by Megan Molseed

Luke Bryan’s music is always a hit. Whether you’re seeking a meaningful ballad such as “Do I,” songs with heartfelt messages such as “Most People are Good,” or even a bar-shaking dance song like “Country Girl (Shake it For Me)” there’s a Luke Bryan song for every moment.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the singer performs these hits while showing off his loveable personality, and charming smile. Luke Bryan is the entire package. Today country heartthrob is celebrating his 45th birthday. And, what better way to do that with him than to revisit some of his best songs.

When making a list of the singer’s “All My Friends Say,” and “Country Man,” are two that need to be mentioned. These are the songs that introduced Bryan to the country music scene.

Luke Bryan Has A Way Of Channeling Our Feelings

“All My Friends Say,” brought us the first glimpse of what we love about the singer – his ability to feel what we feel. The song is about the crushing end of love, and the poor choices you can make after feeling your heartbreak.

On the flip side, Bryan has the ability to take us back to moments where we first fell in love. The 2014 song “Play It Again,” brings us all into his story, falling in love while a special song keeps making special memories. Music gets ahold of us all, and Luke Bryan puts those feelings into words with this catchy ballad.

From Ballads to the Dance Floor – Bryan Brings It All!

Another favorite Luke Bryan song gives a nod to one of our favorite summer drinks: the margarita! Bryan’s feel-good tune brings us down to the beach. Maybe it was the trying times that came with the year the song was released (2020) or maybe it was just the light-hearted song that is easy to sing along with. Whatever it was, we love it…and we sure want some more!

Then, there is the party-favorite that everyone knows. Even if you don’t know who Luke Bryan is, you know the song. “Country Girl (Shake it For Me)” brings country and hip hop to dance floors across the country as Bryan’s deep, syrupy voice channels the dancer in all of us.

Another Luke Bryan favorite is the 2013 hit, “That’s My Kinda Night.” The catchy tune brings in so much for the fans. The beat is infectious…with an almost rock-like feeling. But the lyrics are all country…including a “jacked-up truck.”

Even Bryan says it right in the hit song. “Might sit down on my diamond plate tailgate. Put in my country-rock hip-hop mixtape. Little Conway, a little T-Pain.” This is Bryan in a nutshell. Well rounded with a mixture of genres.