Happy Birthday Naomi Judd: Relive the Country Star’s Best Moments

by Katie Maloney

Happy 75th Birthday to country music great, Naomi Judd.

Born, Diana Ellen Judd, Naomi didn’t have the smoothest path to fame and success. In fact, if anyone can be considered an icon for young women adamantly pursuing their dreams, it’s Naomi. Before she became a country music star, Naomi was struggling to make ends meet as a single mother to daughters Christina Claire Ciminella (Wynonna Judd) and Ashley Judd.

In celebration of the unstoppable country music star, we’ve compiled a list of Naomi’s best moment.

Naomi Judd’s Best Career Moments

Forming The Judds With Her Daughter Wynonna

Naomi always dreamed of a career in performance but put her goals on hold to raise her daughters. It wasn’t until Wynonna was a teenager and began showing interest in singing that Naomi’s passion for performance was reignited.

Inspired by female bluegrass duo Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard and the bluesy pop singer Bonnie Raitt, the two began singing together in the late 1970s. Under the stage names Naomi and Wynonna Judd or, collectively, The Judds, the duo released a series of hits in the 1980s and early 1990s.

When The Judds Released Their First Single

Their first single, “Had a Dream (For the Heart)” hit it big on the Billboard Country Singles chart. Additionally, the duo’s next two singles, “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Why Not Me,” were number one hits and Grammy Award-winning songs.

The Judds even won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Group of the Year award every year from 1985 to 1991. In other words, they were an unstoppable mother-daughter force.

Naomi Judd and Wynonna Judd perform “Had A Dream (For The Heart)”

The Judds Go Their Separate Ways

After almost a decade of success, The Judds dissolved in 1991 after Naomi was diagnosed with debilitating chronic hepatitis C. Wynonna found success with a solo career. Her songs “She Is His Only Need,” “I Saw the Light,” “No One Else on Earth,” and “To Be Loved by You,” all reached the number one spot on the Billboard country music charts. Meanwhile, Naomi found new paths to success.

Naomi Finds New Ways To Inspire Fans As An Author

Naomi wrote a series of children’s books and self-help manuals including The Transparent Life: 30 Proven Ways to Live Your Best and Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully: Facts, Myths, and Good News for Boomers.

Hallmark Original Movies Are Made Better With Naomi Judd

Most recently, Naomi made the transition from music to movies with her appearances in Hallmark original movies including An Evergreen Christmas, Window Wonderland, and Nearlyweds.

For Nearlyweds, Naomi plays a competitive mother-in-law who tries to break up the relationship between her son and his nearly-wife after learning that, because of a paperwork error, their marriage isn’t technically official.

Naomi Judd co-stars in Hallmark’s Nearlyweds.