Happy Birthday Sara Evans: Celebrating the Country Superstar’s Best Moments

by Katie Maloney

Country star Sara Evans turns 50 years old today!

With eight studio albums under her belt, Evans has definitely accomplished a lot during her career. And we’re celebrating those accomplishments on her milestone birthday in the only way we know how –by compiling a list of her most memorable career moments.

Sara Evans’s Best Career Moments

In no particular order, here are the country star’s best moments.

When Sara Released Her First Number One Song

Evans released “No Place That Far” in 1998 and it quickly became her first breakthrough hit. The song was the title track from her second studio album. During the song, Evans sings about what she is willing to do to get to the people she loves. During the song, she sings, ” If I had to run, if I had to crawl, if I had to swim a hundred rivers just to climb a thousand walls. Always know that I would find a way to get to where you are. There’s no place that far.” The song spent 30 weeks on the chart and peaked in the number one spot.

“No Place That Far” by Sara Evans

When Sara Evans Met And Fell In Love With Jay Barker

Evans divorced her former husband, Craig Schelske in 2006 after 13 years of marriage. Schelske was allegedly unfaithful and verbally abusive. However, Evans found love again (and even better) with Alabama football star-turned-sportscaster, Jay Barker. After the divorce, a friend of Evans suggested that Sara reach out to Barker because he was also going through a divorce. Evans emailed Barker and love blossomed from there. The two married in 2008. During an interview, Evans said that she thanks God for her current marriage.

“It was hard for me to believe he was real and that he loves me the way he loves me,” said Evans. “I thank God many times a day for bringing me Jay.”

Sara Evans and Jay Barker attend the 53nd annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

When Sara Evans Released “A Little Bit Stronger”

This song is an anthem for anyone going through a breakup. Evans sings about the small steps that can be monumental when moving forward after a relationship ends. She sings, “Ridin’ in the car to work and I’m tryin’ to ignore the hurt. So I turned on the radio, and the song made me think of you. I listened to it for minute but then I changed I’m gettin’ a little bit stronger.” The song spent 12 weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number one spot.

“A Little Bit Stronger” by Sarah Evans

When She Danced On Dancing With The Stars

Although Evans ultimately left the show to be with her kids as she divorced her former husband, Evans was a dancing star while on the show. During an interview, Evans said that being on the show “was the most amazing experience of my life.” Evans also said that she would love to be back on the show.

“Unfortunately, I started going through a divorce in the middle of Dancing With the Stars…It was so sad and I really want to come back,” said Evans. “I would love to try it again.”

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Sara Evans on Dancing With The Stars