Happy Birthday Shania Twain: Celebrating Her Most Iconic Country Music Moments

by Suzanne Halliburton

Shania Twain, we’re hoping you’re somewhere gorgeous, with something chilled and bubbly to drink. That’s how country divas celebrate another year.

Twain turned 56, Saturday. And to kick off her birthday eve, Friday, she released a remastered version of one of her most popular videos. That’s got to be an iconic moment, right, as the country star continues to take her career to wonderful places. Besides, she looks fabulous as she sings and dances to Party of Two with Billy Currington. The video originally was released in 2004. And the song represented her 16th straight top 10 hit.

We’re betting she’ll include this song in her upcoming Las Vegas residency at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. You can catch her Let’s Go shows as part of a Vegas Christmas trip in December or Valentine’s getaway in February.

Remember Those Early Shania Twain Days?

Now, let’s go back almost to the beginning. Shania Twain released a self-titled album to start her career. But that first album didn’t really catch anyone’s attention. So let’s flip it to 1995 and The Woman In Me. This is when the young Canadian singer made it worldwide big.

Her album sold more than 20 million copies. It produced eight singles, including the very first — Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under. That was Shania Twain singing about her man cheating on her. As if. She even had one of her singles — No One Needs to Know — on the soundtrack for the movie Twister. Twain and tornadoes, it sort of has a nice ring to it.

But her first No. 1 was Any Man of Mine.

Shania Twain Won Her First Grammy in 1996

Shania Twain won her first Grammy for top country album in 1996. Her first Grammy win for top country song followed in 1999.

And she also performed at the Grammys. Here she is singing her signature song, Man! I Feel Like a Woman, on the Grammy stage. Yes, you’ll be humming this all weekend. And why not, you’re celebrating Shania Twain!

Take a look.

Country Superstar Became Part of American Pop Culture with Super Bowl Halftime Show

Then there was that time that Shania Twain did the ultimate American thing. She was the Super Bowl halftime show. That was back in January 2003, in San Diego. Tampa Bay manhandled Oakland, 48-21. No country star has performed at halftime since then. Country’s biggest names typically sing the national anthem or America the Beautiful before the Super Bowl.

Twain got dressed in her best leather coat and thigh-high boots to complement her sparkly bustier and sang Man! I Feel Like a Woman! and Up! Gwen Stefani and No Doubt along with Sting also appeared on stage with Shania Twain. Man! That’s some star power.

Then There Was That Time Country Diva Helped Judge ‘American Idol’

Shania Twain even got to be part of the American Idol experience. She served as a guest judge in season nine and helped mentor some of the contestants. And we’ve got her top moments. Take a look: