Hard to Be Any Cooler Than Alan Jackson in This Throwback Classic Mustang Pic

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Alan Jackson is probably the coolest guy in the room on his worst day. He has proved that time and against over the course of his long career.

Just about every time you see him talking to the press, he’s laid-back and his down-home humor shines through. Then, there was the time when he instructed his drummer to take the stage without sticks when ACM Awards showrunners asked him to perform to a pre-recorded track. He wasn’t even trying to be cool. He was just doing what he thought was right. In short, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone else in the country music world that’s half as cool as Alan.

Earlier today, he cranked his cool up to 11 with a throwback pic. In the photo, he’s leisurely leaning on the back of a cherry red classic Mustang. If the picture contained just the car or just AJ it would be cool. The combination, though, pushes it to a whole new level. Check it out below.

The picture is great. However, Alan Jackson makes it a bittersweet moment with the caption. “Just thinkin’ about how Daddy let me drive,” he wrote. The caption calls back to his hit song “Drive (for Daddy Gene)” and all of the memories and hopes he rolled into it.

Alan Jackson Remembers Driving with His Daddy

Alan Jackson wrote “Drive (for Daddy Gene)” for his late father. Instead of writing a heartbroken tearjerker, he decided to create a song that put some of his most important memories to music. Mr. Jackson taught his son to drive and gave him his love for cars.

Alan Jackson said that he tried several times to write a song to honor his late father’s memory. However, every time he tried, he ended up with “some sad dying song,” but he didn’t want that. Jackson wanted to write “something nice,” for his dad. About the chart-topping finished product, Alan said, “This whole song is a bunch of facts, really.”

It’s a sweet song full of fond memories. Like most of the songs he writes, his fans from across the country can relate to it. However, the sweetest part of the song comes in the final verse. There, Alan Jackson sings about teaching his daughters to drive in his old beat-up Jeep. In the song, Alan says he hopes that one day they look back on those lessons and smile just like he does when he thinks about all of those times he drove with his father.

Sure, the song might make you cry when you listen to it. However, that doesn’t take the cool factor down even a little bit. Building a strong family bond and passing on both memories and traditions is the pinnacle of cool in our book.